It’s only been a year and a half since the first season aired, but boy did I get hit with a wave of nostalgia when I heard the first few notes of that opening. To Your Eternity is back and I am ready to cry for another twenty episodes! I’m sorry Fushi, you’re probably going to suffer a whole lot more in the upcoming weeks.

This season starts off 40 years after the ending of season one. Some characters that we used to know have passed due to their age, while others are still around and kicking. But what’s worse, is that everyone who I’d like to come back: March, Gugu, Parona, Pioran, and unnamed boy won’t make a reappearance as themselves… because as we all tragically know… they are dead dead. BUT! That does mean the one who killed two of them, Hayase, is also dead! Woo!! Of course, the anime won’t let us have that win because we are introduced to a new character this episode. Generally, meeting new characters can be a lot of fun, but truthfully I share Fushi’s same hesitation about her. Afterall, she’s the granddaughter of Hayase and a whole brand new problem. Apparently a Nokker has been a generational heirloom which is a whole lot of fun. No offense, but if I was passed down a painful, bloodsucking parasite that was a giant mass on my arm I don’t think I would call it something important to the family. I’d probably be rather upset about it. Current analysis: Hisame is an odd child who idolizes her grandmother a little too much.

Speaking of Nokkers, they really haven’t taken a break during Fushi’s island hermit phase. He’s been regularly fighting and eating them as they keep coming to challenge him. Overall, it seems like he’s getting used to using the other bodies and has been able to “maintain” or keep them for all these years (sad we didn’t get to see the bear tho). It seems like he’s been saving the world by being alone on the island. The Nokkers seemed to be coming to him and leaving the rest of the world alone. But on a side note… what were the Nokkers up to when Fushi spent 2 years living under the sea? He was having a rough time down there, but I’m surprised that they didn’t show up and attack him. Either way, they have decided that going him was no longer fun and cool, so instead they decided to attack an unknown village one month’s travel away from Fushi’s island. Naturally, they’ve taken the zombie approach this time. 

Unfortunately, we don’t actually get to see a whole lot of Nokker fighting this time around. Most of the episode was focused on Hisame’s family infatuation with Fushi, and Fushi talking with the black figure. But! Fushi seems to be entering his angsty teenage phase. Remember last season when he really couldn’t formulate sentences? Well, he’s learned a lot since we’ve been gone, but now he’s at least able to let out his frustrations with huffs, and kicks to the ground. But as far as this village goes, we manage to make it safe and find out that Hisame and the Guardians are basically creating a religion around Fushi. I don’t think Fushi fully understands the concept of religion yet, but even if he does, I don’t think he would want to be perceived as a god. Thankfully, we get to meet someone who knows when to call BS on this nonsense. FELLAS TONARI IS BACK!!! And she’s here to put Hisame in her place. Shout out to her for surviving 2 rounds of poison. To be honest, I’m a little nervous for the next episode. I hope Hisame’s Nokker doesn’t take her out, because she’s already been through so much, it would genuinely suck if she died here before being able to do anything. Here’s to hoping the next episode treats her well!

Since this is the second season, I don’t know if I have much to say in terms of a first impression. We’ve entered into a new era for Fushi. Because of this shows nature, he’s really the only character we are carrying on with. Everyone else has either died or has grown up significantly since the last episode of season 1. I’m looking forward to how the story plays out with a more “mature” Fushi and see him act much more independent and able to articulate his own thoughts and feelings. Though, I do sincerely hope he finds a good teacher(s) in this series because I genuinely enjoyed watching him learn last season. The one thing I’m worried about this season is that the formula from the previous one returns. Don’t get me wrong, it crushed my heart and tore it to pieces every time, but if I know that I’m going to get attached to a character only to watch them die tragically, I’d rather save myself from the pain. March was an absolute surprise to me since I expected her to be a main character. Gugu was also a surprise because they grew up together and I wasn’t expecting it to happen again. But with the Jananda island arc (even though Tonari survived) it didn’t hit as hard. So, I really do hope they shake things up this time around. People can die just please let them have a little bit of happiness first? I don’t need to be reminded of my own mortality and ultimate demise every couple of weeks. But overall I’m hopeful for this season. Good luck Fushi and whoever else may join your party!

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of Blogging: Absolutely!


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