MARCH??? MARCH??? IS MARCH BACK??? Sorry, I should talk about the rest of the episode, but I am over the moon to see March open her eyes again and I’m going to cry. I hope she’s back, that will bring me so much pain and I am not ready for her. Sorry everyone, next week I will probably be inconsolable.

I guess I should probably talk about the other events that happened in this episode, but to be honest… I kind of felt like this episode was a slog to get through. Every so often an episode like this comes along where they have just a few more things to do, but can’t quite figure out how to move on to the next part. Did I enjoy seeing Pocoa a little bit more? Yeah! Did I like seeing the black man get stabbed? Of course! But, it just felt like we weren’t actually getting anything done. Everything was just short little moments that could have been something bigger. The entire Uralis army, Iris, and Chabo came to help in Renril, but nothing really happened. They came and they left. Yes, they destroyed the entire castle and they rebuilt it, but that was only a couple minutes of content.

If anything the bulk of this episode could be split up into two parts. Pocoa can’t find a boyfriend and goes to bother people and Bon confronts the man in black about his purpose in creating Fushi. I wish I could say more about either of those parts! I think it was funny when she was trying to flirt with Hairo, but that was just a short moment. Then we got to yell at Kahaku and how she would never be interested in him. Honestly, good for you for being so honest. When it comes to the man in black, I don’t really know what’s going on. Why did he suddenly decide to appear before all three of them? Was that an option from the beginning? I feel like it would have just been easier to do that so long ago. Why does he want Fushi to have some form of humanity when he’s supposed to take over for the man in black? There are a whole lot of puzzle pieces that are laying out in the open and I can’t figure out how to piece them together. I hope that they come clean with the rest of it because I’m just so lost. I get that the Nokkers believe that the body is the source of all suffering, but if the man in black is able to communicate with the Nokkers or control them, why is this whole war going on? Is Fushi supposed to take over control of the Nokkers? I know they probably aren’t going to address it in the rest of this season, but this is going to eat away at me.

At the very least I know that March will be in the next episode. I really want to see Fushi’s reaction to see her out and about moving around again. I’m hoping for a very emotional reunion. Or at the very least, Bon being absolutely started to see her in a physical form and not as a spirit. I want her to live long enough that she can play with Bon in person. That’s all I’m asking for, before everything turns tragic.

Sorry for the short post everyone! Hopefully next week there will be more for me to talk about!


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