This week’s Mononogatari episode introduced four characters that before have only been shown in the opening sequence. The first two are Kai and Itsuki, part of Kyoto’s big three Tsukumogami groups, Sano’s Suit of Armor. Maybe because of his hairstyle, I automatically thought of Geto the moment I saw him. In a glance, it’s as clear as day that Kai is not someone to be messed easily. Even Zouhei, Haori, and Kushige all three together are very wary of him to the point of not daring to refuse his demand so carelessly. I can tell that Kai is…abnormal, having a habit of welcoming his guests with a surprise attack. He seems to be the type who enjoys playing with people by the means of putting them in danger as long as it entertains him. It’s not yet known how much dangerous he is, but for him to be sealed in a barrier must mean that his power endangered other people. For his first appearance, Kai and Itsuki are quite intriguing and I’m very curious what kind of adversaries they’ll be.

The other two characters to be introduced are Uchiki and Aogi, another exceptional tsukumogamis who were sent to find out why Hyoma is staying in the Nagatsuki Household. I can’t say much about Uchiki and Aogi yet, they looked like the thug character type who attacks first and ask question later. But usually types like them would end up being an ally for the main characters. From the fight with them, another aspect of Hyoma’s growth is shown. Before, he would’ve attacked any tsukumogami, especially the hostile ones, without a second thought. This time, Hyoma actually tried to avoid combat by feigning ignorance and only fought when they attacked him. And when the two of them decided to stop fighting, Hyoma restrained himself after Yu told him to stand down, though he’s pouting that he could’ve won against them if the fight continues. How cute. (^_^)

This episode brought more questions about Botan. It’s revealed that among both tsukumogami and humans, there’s unwritten rule that they must never take advantage of Botan. She seems to hold a mysterious power that made both sides wary of her as they don’t know what would happen should that power awakens. Because of this rule, Hyoma’s homestay with Botan was questioned because as someone from Saenome and a third party, it drawn suspicion that the Saenome intends to use Botan. This reason is why Kai invited Zouhei, Haori, and Kushige to question them, and why Uchiki and Aogi confronted Hyoma. Just what makes Botan so special that both the humans and tsukumogami are either watching her so closely or trying to capture her? And perhaps whatever power Botan has relation to Hyoma being able to “save her”.

I’m curious about Botan, but I much prefer to see more Hyoma x Botan progress. Haori and the others haven’t given up Hyoma as a husband candidate, so come on, show more the romance aspect! I know there are many things that happened and would happen, but the romance must proceed too!


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