Since there has been many Harry Potter parodies, I expected for Easton Academy to have four dorms like Harry Potter, but it turned out that Easton only has three separate dorms: Adler, Orca, and Lang, which were based on Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. I wonder why they didn’t make one based on Slytherin, considering the jerk from episode 3 wore green scarf. Maybe because they don’t want to make it too similar to Harry Potter?

Again, following the magic-theme and Harry Potter parody, Mashle and Finn just remembered that they have a potion assignment that they have yet made. They got help from an unexpected person: Lance, who also delivered the funniest comical moment in this episode thanks to his sister complex. I swear, this guy loved his sister too much! Beside that, I’m happy to see the friendly rivalry grown between Mash and Lance. Mash’s action in the previous episode has certainly touched Lance’s heart that he willingly taught Mashle and Finn to make potions using mandragora. Before, he spoke how he would focused on his own goal and priority while ignoring others, and here, now, he helped his classmates in his own tsundere way. Using the dorm’s reputation as an excuse to help out and telling Mash not to lose to anybody other than him, that’s definitely a tsundere thing. The fact that he stuck with Mash, Finn, and Lemon during the next assignment showed itself how Lance already became part of Mash’s circle of friends. He even stay with Finn and Lemon when they were begging instead of ruthlessly abandoning them. How sweet. (^_^)

And I underestimated Mash’s love for cream puffs. He loved it so much that whatever potion he made, it ended up becoming cream puffs! Even under Lance’s careful observation and instruction, it somehow always ended up becoming cream puffs by the time they were finished. Miraculously, Mash and Finn were still able to pass their potion assignments, and the cream puffs potion turned out delicious. XD

The other half of the episode was dedicated in introducing the last of the main cast, Dot Barrett. When it comes to shonen, of course there has to be a loudmouth character as opposed to the cool guy (Lance) and tsukkomi guy (Finn). When I first saw Dot, appearance wise, I automatically thought of Lavi from D-Gray Man due to their similar hairstyle and color. But in terms of personality, they’re completely different of course. Dot was the exact opposite of both Mash and Lance. He’s hotheaded, brash, self-centered guy who longs to be popular with girls. As with the majority of characters in the series, Dot has his own weirdness. Dot’s oddities came from his jealousy over guys who are popular with girls and blaming them for his inability to get a girlfriend that he decided to become a Divine Visionary so he could “get rid of all hot guys”.  Silly indeed. He reminded me of Zenitsu from Kimetsu no Yaiba. (^_^;)

Unsurprisingly, Dot’s weakness caused him to be vulnerable to girls. When he saved a female student, Lauren, who’s actually manipulative and influenced anybody attracted her with her magic to make them fall in love with her, Dot fell for her and her magic. This girl was no doubt the type who’ll eventually stab Dot in the back and trample on his feelings, so I really hope that she’ll get her punishment later, preferably from Mash who was immune to her magic because he wasn’t in the slightest attracted to her.

We’re also introduced two other characters, Silva and a guy holding a doll from Lang Dorm. Silva was not different from the jerk in episode 3, only that he’s stronger. He’s an upperclassman who already got two coins during his first year, but was held back due to his violent nature. He taunted Mash as he also already got two coins and after them. He tried to provoke Mash by accusing him of looking down on others, but he’s really talking about himself. I can’t wait to watch how Mash will beat him up. I have enough already with his character.


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