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My Comment is Under Moderation?

Yeah, so just be patient since we are not necessarily by the blog 24/7 and if it isn’t considered as a spam it’ll pop up eventually. Remember to be civil and polite to others, while OPINIONS are free speech, keep in mind that there’s a limit, especially since people can step over the line easily without realizing it.

Why was my comment removed?

Your comment will be removed if you are bashing/flaming/off-topic/racist/trolling/offensive

Why was my comment relocated to the FAQ Page?

All questions that are not related to the entries should be addressed here.

Where do you watch English subs/download anime?

Not all of us have access to the legal streaming services like VizMedia’s, Hulu’s, Crunchyroll, etc… due to region protection so we end up downloading/streaming FanSubs or rips.

If you are looking for places where you can subscribe like FunimationCrunchyrolls PremiumHiDive, Amazon Prime (*US Customers Only), or just stream for free, other legal places to turn to are VizMedia, and Hulu.

If you are blocked due to region protection (mainly an issue for anyone OUTSIDE of United States) you can always check out other streaming sites that is very easy to find on Google.

NOTE: Also sometimes, and this happens: Not all the new shows are licensed by these companies so you are forced to turn to Fansubs no matter what. Go to MAL and look up the anime you’re looking for and there should be a FanSub group mentioned on the page.


I want to be a blogger here, where can I apply?

You can find out how to apply at Write for AngryAnimeBitches

Why is this blog called AngryAnimeBitches, and yet there are guys?

The main reason was that when this blog started, it consisted only girls and no boys (they joined later).

Can I re-post your entries/content elsewhere?


It is strictly against the rules to re-post entries/content from our blog elsewhere.
You are permitted to share the LINK directing others to our website/post/pages as long as credit is due.
Reblogging/Retweeting the links directly from our page on Tumblr/Twitter are also an option and strongly encouraged.

May I use your screencaps for my blog?


Permitted to use the images to make Banners, Icons, Backgrounds
***Please remember to credit us by linking back to the entry or the blog since we are supplying them***

Why are there no screencaps in the entries between 2010 and 2012?

In order to make sure we don’t go over our storage limit, starting January 2016, I will be removing screencaps from the earlier years annually.

157 thoughts on “FAQ + Ask the Team!

  1. Hi em i really love Animes too i know them since i was a child but i become a fan in 2010 watching Code Geass (the best anime ever for me) and now i adicted to watch all the new animes there are coming. senhime zesshou sympho is one of that and for mi Tsubasa is the best character.
    i like to keep in contact

    1. 8Db Code Geass is seriously one of the best shows to start off with hahaha!
      Tsubasa’s character is adorable , I love how she’s so tsundere and badass.
      I suppose out of the lot, she too is my favourite character as I’m a bit indifferent about Hibiki. Kanade is cool too, it is a shame that she’s dead.

  2. Bumped in here while looking for HighSchool DxD Episode List.
    Firstly, Awesome layout, especially this font for text, makes me wanna leave Blogger and jump to WordPress 😀
    Sorry writing this in the wrong section XP

    But regarding the HighSchool DxD Writer….better give the series to someone else….who got real sense of ecchi or like the series (not pretends)
    Either the Author is a newbie or he is not opening himself and his opinions to the readers which is what required in a review 🙂

    Sorry for my opinion but really liked the place and so gave this little opinion of mine. Mind if I request you to open a review section for hentai?

    I wanna join your team….too bad I got no experience as an author or writing….only thing I have written so far are answers in the examination hall or announcements on my hentai blog X3
    And even worse your doors are closed ;(
    Maybe you will find this comment in spam XD

    1. I’m the writer for the High School DxD series and I find your input interesting, but I would like to know what you mean by “a real sense of ecchi”. But I’m afraid that we don’t have anyone else to cover the show. It is perfectly true that I don’t open my real opinions on most ecchi, mostly because I’d rather review the story of a show than the ecchi/hentai part of it.

      We most likely won’t be covering hentai ever, since (at the very least for the moment) it would breach some of our terms of agreement. We also don’t have many authors that would actually be interested in covering those anyway.

    1. Both Vantage and I have dropped Mashiro Iro Symphony so we aren’t up to date about it. However I’ve checked out the responses, it looks like there’s mix feelings among the shipping fanbase of Sena’s and Airi’s VS Miu who appears have ‘ended’ with Shingo.
      However I’m not entirely surprised since early on we’ve seen that Shingo had developed a crush on Miu but it’s something certainly unexpected since we don’t see these kinds of twist of a girl who isn’t the Main Heroine ending (though it might be too soon to say that) with the Main Character in these harmens.
      I’ve heard it has ended as today, so let me know whether the MC decided to switch over to another girl or Shingo x Miu is officially canon.

    1. Yes we will! I do know that I’d like to cover Eternal Sonata except I had to put that game on-hold because I can’t see the television screen with my current prescirption- all I see is blur lol and a few other games, including Fate/Extra which I’m halfway through the game atm. 🙂

    2. I’m planning on doing various Touhou Project titles in the future, if I can somehow get past the extra stage of some of the games xD

  3. Umm. Is there a searching bar somewhere in this website? When you guys were blogging in the WordPress home domain, there was a searching bar on the right side of the page to search for long gone animes or to find the preview from last season or something like that, but there does not seem like there is a searching bar here, Is there one? if there is could you tell me where it is, if there isn’t, then could you reply that there isn’t? thank you!!

    1. Yes we do have the Search Bar. It is on the 1st Column to the right above the categories. However if you have the browser’s window too small, you may only see one column instead of two. If that’s the case, just simply scroll down to the bottom and you will find the exact same column but at the bottom of the page
      And if that doesn’t work, or have anything to do with it- it might also have to do with from which monitor you are browsing the site from. Lets say you are viewing it from an iphone or a smartphone, you won’t find any search bar whatsoever because of ‘cellphone mode’.
      Let me know if that helps.

    1. Most of the time, the quality varies on what program you’re using to watch it. Streaming can be so so unless the player offers HD (like on CR, (which actually has an option- even if you’re not a member to turn off the subs), and since we download, the format is .mkv which 96% of the time is HD. However if say the episode is .mkv 10bit, unless you have the proper player to watch it on, the video will be mostly corrupted and impossible to watch or you will get a green screen.

    1. I am not the one who blogs Hunter x Hunter, it’s Linzz. But I can assure you that she is still reviewing it. It’s just that all of her entries are facing delays because she is doing exams right now. :3 Once that’s all done and over with she’ll catch up ASAP

  4. What is the way you guys use to take pictures from anime?
    All the pictures are perfectly taken and clear. I tried many ways years ago, but all the pictures were simply unclear.
    Thank you for the amazing reviews <3.

    1. Video Players like MplayerX, DivX and VLC all allows you to take screenshots. One of the major reasons is because most of us are not streaming it (unless watching in HD, streams are always lower quality). So we have it HD- unless say, we’re watching a webrip (which is usually for the shows with an early debut). File types sometimes also has to do with it. While both .avi and .mp4 can have HD, it’s really .mkv that solidifies that- most of the time anyways.

      I hope this helped :3

      Thank you <3

    1. Yes we are, but it’s more of an irregular coverage since it’s ultimately up to the bloggers whether they have any series they want to talk about. I have a few I plan to do, but it varies on how my hands/wrists are doing since I have to set my priorities which is Anime > Manga atm.

  5. Just wondering, do you guys have any news on Pupa? I was really looking forward to it and it was supposed to be aired in October, but…October is over. And Pupa hasn’t premiered yet. >.>

    1. It’s surprising to us as well. If anything, the anime might have been delayed so it either airs now in November, or perhaps it will be a Winter 2013 show instead. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any news about it to confirm that though :\

  6. I have one question to all bloggers in this site, why see something you know you’re going to hate?

    Feel free(yes pun intended) to ignore this question if you can’t answer it.

    1. It ultimately varies on the show. Sometimes we don’t hate it right away, or perhaps despite the odds we decide to give it a chance. If we end up hating it and it’s almost done, sometimes we continue the coverage for the sake of finishing it, while for some (believe it) actually have fun covering shows they hate or consider crap.

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