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My Comment is Under Moderation?

Yeah, so just be patient since we are not necessarily by the blog 24/7 and if it isn’t considered as a spam it’ll pop up eventually. Remember to be civil and polite to others, while OPINIONS are free speech, keep in mind that there’s a limit, especially since people can step over the line easily without realizing it.

Why was my comment removed?

Your comment will be removed if you are bashing/flaming/off-topic/racist/trolling/offensive

Why was my comment relocated to the FAQ Page?

All questions that are not related to the entries should be addressed here.

Where do you watch English subs/download anime?

Not all of us have access to the legal streaming services like VizMedia’s, Hulu’s, Crunchyroll, etc… due to region protection so we end up downloading/streaming FanSubs or rips.

If you are looking for places where you can subscribe like FunimationCrunchyrolls PremiumHiDive, Amazon Prime (*US Customers Only), or just stream for free, other legal places to turn to are VizMedia, and Hulu.

If you are blocked due to region protection (mainly an issue for anyone OUTSIDE of United States) you can always check out other streaming sites that is very easy to find on Google.

NOTE: Also sometimes, and this happens: Not all the new shows are licensed by these companies so you are forced to turn to Fansubs no matter what. Go to MAL and look up the anime you’re looking for and there should be a FanSub group mentioned on the page.


I want to be a blogger here, where can I apply?

You can find out how to apply at Write for AngryAnimeBitches

Why is this blog called AngryAnimeBitches, and yet there are guys?

The main reason was that when this blog started, it consisted only girls and no boys (they joined later).

Can I re-post your entries/content elsewhere?


It is strictly against the rules to re-post entries/content from our blog elsewhere.
You are permitted to share the LINK directing others to our website/post/pages as long as credit is due.
Reblogging/Retweeting the links directly from our page on Tumblr/Twitter are also an option and strongly encouraged.

May I use your screencaps for my blog?


Permitted to use the images to make Banners, Icons, Backgrounds
***Please remember to credit us by linking back to the entry or the blog since we are supplying them***

Why are there no screencaps in the entries between 2010 and 2012?

In order to make sure we don’t go over our storage limit, starting January 2016, I will be removing screencaps from the earlier years annually.

157 thoughts on “FAQ + Ask the Team!

    1. Fuwanovel exhibit quite a few visual novels and their patches, which you can download with a torrent client. The one for Rewrite is here, although be aware it’s going to cost you a few gigabytes. Enjoy it – it’s an amazing VN.

    1. Tenderfoot’s retired so unfortunately she won’t be able to answer your questions on this thread 🙁 If you’re keen on contacting Tenderfoot you can check out ‘The Team’ page, I believe Tenderfoot left a way for you to contact them there.

    1. I’m watching it, and I think Chris wanted to cover it but the post has been in the drafts for ages. CarmenTheNinja has expressed interest in taking over weekly coverage from Chris 🙂 If no one picks it up I may do a Quick Look post since I won’t be blogging anything weekly this season.

      If you must know I’m enjoying it a ton, it’s my favourite show this season. I’m sure the others are enjoying it too 😀

    1. Not that I know of since the writers are given the opportunity to claim a show as soon as it comes out. At best, if there’s anyone watching it one might do a random review on it, but it’s ultimately up to them.

  1. I won’t really have access to a computer for the next two years and I was wondering if there was a website that I could check when I came back that would give me a list of the top ten animes for each season of the years I have missed. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Question unrelated to this review (sorry, I didn’t know where else to ask you specifically!): Are you planning on watching Kamisama Hajimemashita 2? I just reread your overall review of season 1 (which I COMPLETELY agree with, btw), and even just thinking about season 1 makes me angry. I don’t think I have it in me to watch them butcher even more content. Just wondering if you’re going to!

    *Comment has been relocated to FAQ + Ask the Team*

    1. (*I have relocated your comment to this page. So for future questions that are not relevant to the topics/show, please refer to the FAQ + Ask the Team page)

      I have no plans on doing so, unless someone else tells me that it is an infinity times better and does the manga and characters justice. But I do know that Oki has some interest in doing so (aka is prepared to rip the show apart if justice isn’t served) or someone else might pick it up.
      Once we finish and post the Winter Anime 2014 Preview, we will know who are (still) interested- if there are anyone willing to pick it up that is, ahahaha.

    1. Hm, it would depend where you are. Here is what I know right now

      Canada: Chapters.ca (might also be available at local stores) | Amazon.ca

      USA: Amazon.com | Rightstuf.com (Search under: Sword Art Online Novel) | Barnes&Nobles

      If you are in elsewhere, try using the Amazon of your region. I will ask the team if they know anymore alternative resources.

  3. I know that this concerns the whole team and I apologize in advance for what may come true, but Eva I think most of all I may need to apologize to you. You are the one who manages the blog.

    Now, has there ever been a time when someone has tried commenting, but their comments didn’t even appear on the page with the “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” blurb? If so, did the comment(s) suddenly appear some time later on?

    I ask because I began commenting on this blog yesterday, but suddenly the twitter linked account wouldn’t post anymore or so it would seem. I’m wondering if it isn’t just a matter of time before they show up. If so, well, my repeated attempts would spam a few blogs :/

    1. I think I know what’s happened. One of your comments yesterday on Tokyo Ghoul was a test comment, which I assume you posted to check if the spoiler tag would work. It was then flagged as spam as there was nothing in it, which meant that all your future comments would automatically go to spam instead of going to us for moderation. I’ve tried to undo this, so try responding to this with your first account and see if that works.

    2. When you see, “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” sometimes it will be approved immediately and others may be delayed if none of us are around to approve it. This often applies to people who haven’t commented on the blog before/as often or the system catches what it considers may be spam. As long as it isn’t mistaken as spam you can expect it to get through at some point- no longer than a couple of hours (i’d say 5 hours max if we are not around to address it).

  4. I was wondering if it was possible for you guys to do a 1/2 month recap on shows for the current season. I love your pre-impressions before the season, but what I would find really helpful is what are your impressions across the board after say 3-6 episodes? Which series surprised, which got boring. I typically go into a season being excited about 2-3 series having read the premise, but if you guys (after the grace period of several episodes) say a series is rocking, then I would be really inclined to check it out.

    1. It is definitely something some of us have considered doing on a regular basis. We have already done a bit of that during our podcast episodes, but we haven’t been able to do it consistently as of the late due to busy schedules. I will be happy to bring the topic up to the team again to see if anyone would have time to participate, not necessarily through podcast, but as a written post (which would probably work out better for everyone). 🙂

      Thanks for pointing it out! I’ll fix it right away!

  5. Can you do a review of our two bedroom story(Otomi game) shusei pov..I’m really curious about it but I haven’t been able to find someone who wrote about it.

  6. Hello Vantage. The latest episode of “Memories of phantasm” is translated. I see you covered touhou anime in the past (though a different one). I was wondering if you’re willing to make a post about it.

    1. Ah, cool! I remember watching the one on TH7, but haven’t been following it unfortunately. The problem with making a full post (other than that there are 4 other episodes I’d have to cover first) is that there’s not much to say, given that Memories of Phantasm pretty much replicates all of the game storylines. It does do so very well, though, and with surprisingly good quality for a doujin anime. I guess the one exception is this latest episode, although not much happens and it’s apparently a prologue to TH9.

      Yuuka seems to like to dress up her food before she eats it *shivers*

      1. Well, Yuuka does mostly nothing in the windows cannon and she’s still popular. If Zun’s not gonna help them, her fans have to entertain themselves somehow :)) Same with a lot of Flandre sightings in this anime.
        Though I’m not sure Yuuka actually eats fairies. I think she just likes to tease them because they’re cute or something. And I’ve never seen Cirno afraid of anything in any game, this seemed a bit out of character.
        It was nice to see Aya screwing around and Reisen get a little revenge – Tewi got away with a little too much in Inaba if you’d ask me.
        Also, not a big fan of Yabadabadoo and it looks like she’s gonna be featured more from now on…

      2. So, me and Touhou again. Maybe you know this already.
        But I wanted to make sure: there’s a new fan anime out (only the first episode so far).
        I’ve seen a thread on otaku culture about it.

        1. I didn’t know that at all, thanks! I don’t frequent the 2hu board, the last time I visited was to keep up with C89 and its various releases and announcements. I haven’t even properly played LoLK either, I’ve seen the Clownpiece spells and they scare me.

          Do you know what it’s based on? I’m downloading it now, only seen a couple of screenshots so far (including loli Kaguya hnnggg) with surprisingly good animation. Pity it’s not voiced like Summer Day’s Dream, they really nailed it with Nakahara Mai and Sawashiro Miyuki for Reimu and Marisa.

          1. Clownpiece’s survivals are the death of me but I keep trying because I like her design and dialogue. She’s stage 5 so there’s plenty of fun till you get there: stage three is worth it imo – music, backgrounds and fights – everything simply works, one of the best 2hu stages ever.
            And the anime so far it’s about Kaguya and Eirin’s past.

            1. Clownpiece is going to make America great again! Isn’t Stage 3 where LoLK gets its difficulty spike? Or is that Stage 2? I’ve always been rather conservative with 2hu mechanic changes, and Pointdevice mode in particular makes me feel really confused about what the nature of the game should be.

              Kaguya and Eirin! Hooray! I can’t wait!

              1. You can play Legacy mode which is just normal touhou. And graze as much as posssible, that’s how you get lives.
                If you’re gonna play pointdevice, use as little bombs as you can and graze to get more since you don’t get your bombs back when you get hit.
                That’s about it really.
                As for difficulty spike…well this whole game is pretty difficult so…I dunno.

                1. Pointdevice feels like it defeats the purpose of studying spell cards if you can just try over and over again. Of course, it’s kind of to compensate for the fact that TH15 is very difficult as you say. And I guess there’s an upper limit of deaths in the thousands or whatever it was.

                  As for the fan anime, it really is disappointing that there are only subs. If there were voices I could partially understand it at least, but if it’s just moonrunes I’m completely stuck. Just skimming through it, I’m surprised by the copious amounts of Renko and Maribel, as well as a bunch of OCs including non-Rinnosuke males. Looks like the Genso-Lunar war to me.

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