Season 1
First Cour: Spring 2022
Second Cour: Fall 2022

SPY×FAMILY Episode 11

This was a pretty interesting episode. Especially where they decided to end it. But before we get into that, Anya is having a difficult time with her studies, thus preventing…

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SPY×FAMILY Episode 9

So we continue where we left off on the rudest cliffhanger. And they freaking did it again with the opening placement! ...AND THEN AGAIN with the flashback! I'm not sure…

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SPY×FAMILY Episode 6

Mission Strix continues with Anya finally getting ready to enter Eden. But not without some major bumps in the way lol. It seems like every episode now will have at…

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SPY×FAMILY Episode 4

After all their preparations, the mission of Strix officially starts with the family going in to undergo Eden's interview. This episode was as good as I had hoped. Especially since…

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SPY×FAMILY Episode 3

This was an adorable episode showcasing the three main characters' dynamic and it is as chaotically adorable as we all hoped. Especially with how all of them are trying to…

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