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For much of the blog’s lifetime, it has been a privilege of mine to be able to able to sustain the server host costs on my own. And during the few times I was not in financial position to pay for the renewal of the server, I have been incredibly lucky to have received generous donations from our writers and readers like you. It is thanks to your contributions during those hard times that I was able to continue to provide this platform for 10 years!

And yet, even after receiving your support at the times of need, I have always been reluctant about asking you and our writers to chip in what they can, or even leave the donation tab up. This is because I created this blog as a space to build a community for both our readers and writers to freely express themselves and their passion for anime. But I understand now more than ever that I need to open myself up to a lending hand. It is no longer financially sustainable for me to shoulder the costs on my own. And it is now especially true since the COVID-19 pandemic put me out of work due to the government’s shutdowns of businesses and orders to quarantine ourselves to plank the curve the best we can. It is said these orders could last as long as till the end of the summer, but at that point, I don’t even know if I will have a job to return to. As such, this crisis further highlight that in order to to keep this platform running, I need both the team and your support.

So I would like to ask of your support to help cover the costs to keep this blog running.
And you can do so by becoming one of our Patrons!

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At this time, we currently have two tiers.
If this takes off, we hope to be able to add more fun tiers in the future!

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We invite you to our brand new discord community! We hope this will better enable you top connect with our writers and fellow readers who are just as passionate about the series as you are!

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You not only get our access to our discord community, but we will give you a shoutout in our Seasonal Previews and Patrons’ Section on our Blog’s Sidebar!

And if you don’t want to pick either tiers, you also have the option to make a custom pledge.

If you are able to so, please considering supporting us so we can continue for the years to come.
Thank you for all the support and love you have given to us all these years. We really appreciate it.


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