Spring Anime 2011

Completed Series
Final Impressions
Season's Overview

2011 Anime Overview

  Here it is! Just like we do a post on the good and the bad of every season, we have decided to do a yearly post of it this time! Enjoy this post to your hearts’ contents, despite it being really long (and possibly very biased). Please note: This post is not based off […]

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Dropped Series
Yu Gi Oh Zexal

YGO Zexal Status Update

Hi everyone! My arms and hands are feeling a whole lot better though they still hurt a bit, so I’ll resume blogging as of today! Anyways, I wanted to give a status update regarding YGO Zexal. So I actually fell behind on it and finally caught up to episode 30 (despite that episode still as […]

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Currently Covering
Tiger & Bunny

Tiger & Bunny Ep 22: IN YOUR FACE MAVERICK!!!!!!

… Barnaby’s face actually reminds me of an angry rabit. *SHOT*

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