Tiger & Bunny Ep 2: What makes a True Hero!

Hello folks, the major delay that kept us literally two seasons behind since this awesome show had started and now, Oki and I are determined to get this baby covered completely and ready for the finale!!! So be ready, this place is going to be FLOODED with Tiger & Bunny posts this week! So no summaries from me, all I’ll be doing are the impressions.

This was such a cute episode. I couldn’t stop grinning from start to finish and just LOVED the “BUNNY-CHAN” moment when Kotetsu imitated him! 😀

<3 Kotetsu is truly the hero. Today’s episode showed just ho this ‘show business’ of Hero TV displays and influences the heroes. While Barnaby was all for setting up the situation for a grand entrance in order to obtain more points, Kotetsu who on the other hand could care less about the points and sets his priorities to helping people. What I love about Tiger that he is not just a hero, he’s a source of inspiration. He gave a child hope and a chance to redeem himself and the opportunity to be a hero by putting his powers into good use even though he himself still had more than enough power to push it the building back. I’m also very happy to see a bit of his backstory to understand how he decided to become a hero in the first place.
Barnaby, I’ll be honest. His ‘showcase’ attitude does annoy me because he’s not focusing on the right priorities. It’s all about points, fame, image and of course by the end of the episode, we learn that there’s a reason why he had publicly shown his face. Despite that said, I still don’t see it as a good excuse to do all that when by saving people first would put you in the spotlight anyways. :\ But whatever, that’s just how Heroes TV works. On the positive note, I loved his reaction to his new nickname!
And last but not least, our special Saito! OMG, he’s so funny, I love how his voice is so soft we can’t hear him! 8D And his cocky grin, oh my god, hahahaha HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THIS GUY?!


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