Sukitte Iinayo Ep 10: Bitchmode ON

Megumi flicked the switch ON for BITCHMODE, doing everything in her power to get back at Mei. From isolating her from her friends, to using Kai to trigger a misunderstanding and spreading nasty gossips of Mei having an affair. Meanwhile Captain Moron Yamato doesn’t do shit.


Look at that glare on Megumi’s face.
She looks like she wants to fucking murder Mei.
Megumi isn’t even attempting to hide the fact she hates Mei so much. I absolutely can’t stand her. She is terrible. Not even that pity-party flash back is going to make her less ‘evil’ or whatever bullshit. What she is doing is fucking unacceptable, and ironically- this happens all the fucking time in reality too- especially during Elementary and High School. From separating Mei from her friends, triggering a misunderstanding by using Kai, to creating a gossip that Captain Moron, Yamato (who is so fucking stupid right now) actually bought. Like what the fuck man, Mei hasn’t done anything wrong, instead she’s the one stepping forward (thanks to Kai) and was trying to maintain the relationship. But no. Yamato doesn’t even bother confronting her right away to clear a misunderstanding and clearly lacks a shitload of faith in her. Really man? This is the third week in a row that he is ticking me off.
KAI, LET ME LOVE YOU, I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU AREN’T GOING IN THE DIRECTION I HAD FEARED! ;w; I was happy that he was able to help Mei out by giving her support and advice when she really needed it. Also a round of applause to Kai not taking advantage of the situation to create a bigger rift between Yamato and Mei for the sake of revenge. And kudos to you Kai for punching that idiot in the face.
I am so happy that Kai’s feelings towards Mei are genuine. Last week I was very uncertain about his feelings since I was seriously worried that he was planning to use her to get back to Yamato.
Aiko, you are my favorite character of this show. I hope you will  be the one to take down that bitch ASAP because she needs to be stopped. Aiko isn’t stupid, she knows exactly what the fuck is going through Megumi’s head. I am eagerly waiting for Aiko to confront her head on.
Finally the last thing I wanted to point out. Last week this girl here, (I don’t know what her name is) had a brief scene where she had shown concern about how Megumi is acting. I can see this girl becoming Megumi’s true friend as the girl’s popularity and group is not actually genuine, it’s just a popular gathering. Another big factor is that the girl is seeing and is damn well conscious of Megumi’s ugly side. She knows that Megumi is jealous of Mei, so I hope that whenever Megumi gets kicked off her high horse- this girl could at least help set her in the right direction from ground up.

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  1. Yamato is such a noob. Wasn’t he a few episodes ago telling Mei to be more open with him about what’s bothering her? Well, he’s a stupid hypocrite!
    I can’t wait for Aiko to take down Megumi as well. Either that or Aiko will talk to Mei and make Mei stand up for herself because Megumi needs to be put in her place.
    Great review!

    1. Thanks!
      I know Mei has the power in her to stand up for herself, but I think with this mess- it’s best to have someone beside her. So Aiko would be a perfect candidate for her, even more so when this would parallel with the time Mei defended her when whathisname-jerk was giving her crap.

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