Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo Episode 14 [ End of the World ]

14 Episodes. It took 14 episodes for Princess Angelise of the Misurugi Empire to say I’m freakin’ sorry. And you know what? It was worth. It was worth like dying after you steal a baron buff. It was worth it like getting the last donut. It was worth like having to sit through 15 episodes of a crappy Simpsons season to find the one that reminds you you like the show. The last five episodes have been great enough to make up for the not-so-great ones of this show.

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Let me basically put it to you this way: Ange and Tusk (and a dragonified Vivian) find themselves in what appears to be the Misurugi empire 500 years into the future. From what they can gather, there is no human life anywhere on the planet and every shelter is filled with rotting human corpses. In the seventh world war machines known as the Ragna Mail caused a chain nuclear reaction which wiped out all life on Earth- and the Ragna Mail seems to look just like a black version of Villkiss.

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Ange cannot accept this. The world being destroyed sends her on a frenzy to find something out there, and she does her usual bullshit of refusing to accept anything is the way it is unless she sees it with her own eyes. So what does she do? She takes it out on Vivian and Tusk, until finally saying everything is bullshit anyway and that Libertus and it’s ideas are garbage. In a surprising turn around Tusk basically says fuck you as he reveals his parent’s died for the idea that people without mana could be free and happy, and Ange just called it garbage. He actually storms off and leaves Ange to fester in her bullshit.

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Good on him. For once it actually makes Ange man up. The rest of the episode she is genuinely apologetic and affectionate to Tusk and it’s actually pretty moving. Knowing the world has been destroyed and that somehow Vilkiss has teleported them to this world, she still manages to show that underneath her unpleasant exterior is a girl who once knew love and was admired by many for her kindness. She admits she’s grateful for the life she leads now if only because it led her to meet Tusk and Vivian, and the two end up sharing a bed. Tusk admits he wants to protect her and can’t just sleep with her, but Ange reveals her insecurities and finally shows the heroine under the bitch. Tusk and Ange share a romantic kiss right as Vivian (in dragon form) peers into their window and sees them.

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The episode ends with another disturbing note though: The DRAGONs come to find them and reveal this is ‘the true world’. Right there the episode blows everything out of the water. We now understand something incredibly vital – the DRAGONs are from a world that is absolutely destroyed, one they know to be the true world, and Embryo seems to be in control of the other world. All that begs the question is that, how is Embryo doing it? What is his purpose, to allow humanity to go on existing long after it’s actual death? Does the Villkiss allow worlds to be destroyed and recreated? I find myself horrified asking this but is it possible that Embryo constantly tears open new dimensions, creates new worlds to his liking, and destroys the old ones until he can get it ‘right’ and recreate humanity the way he wants?

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The implications of this episode are incredible and slightly horrifying. I want to know more every episode that passes. In truth I was worried what an episode title like Ange and Tusk could actually bring, but not only was the romance heartwarming but learning the truth is absolutely terrifying. Further, why do they capture dragons if they have this perfect world?! What do the DRAGONs gain by attacking the newer worlds? Are the two mutually exclusive or is there something more going on that we can’t possibly figure out? What the hell am I saying, that’s exactly it. I want to know about the DRAGON lady who Ange fought, and it seems next week I’ll get my chance. As far as I can tell the show is going the Tusk / Ange route and I approve, but I won’t lie and say I’m not a fan of Hilda/Ange and Ange/Mysterious dragon lady. (I’m just like 70% on ths Tusk Ange route and the rest is BUT MY SHIPS!!)

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All in all, this episode drives home the point that if you are willing to put the time and effort into the earlier episodes of Cross Ange, the rest of the season not only makes up for it but makes it one of the more enjoyable additions to the mecha genre. ( MU LA FLAGA HOTEL COME ON) I lo ve Ange and Tusk and I find that everyone in this show has proven they can be redeemed, and I think Ange is no exception.



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Woot~! I can honestly say Ange is probably the character I’ve seen had the most growth out of any series starting from a Racist-Spoiled-B*tch and evolving into…being a b*tch half the time. Practically everyone shared your concern about another Ange x Tusk episode but I was surprised they were pretty tame throughout it (no kidding, every time I saw Tusk walk towards a puddle I was afraid he would slip and fall into Ange’s crotch). Why do I have the feeling that when the three of them make it back to their world….that it’s going to be so screwed over.… Read more »

The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

Hotel Mulaflaga?! So this IS in the Gundam universe. I think it’s quite nice that he and Ramius ended up running a lovely hotel! *ahem* Okay, re-focusing now. That really was the BEST episode yet. Ange’s growth, Tusk’s knightliness and Vivian was sweeter than ever! You’ve basically covered all the best questions that there are to be asked, along with who the best couple is 😀

Vange Chandran

SO GLAD to see a ship I support finally become canon! (Now if only Shinkane would become a reality too…) I’m still really confused overall about Embryo. He seems like a regular human, at least from the outside. I’m having a hard time coming to terms with the idea that he may be some kind of creator. And like you said, I want to know how he’s creating/controlling other worlds, if that really is the case! I hope it’s explained quickly! That’s really the only huge qualm I have with this series at this point.


Ange is probably the most developed protagonist of Fall 2014. It’s amazing watching episode 1 then watching this episode and seeing just how much she’s changed.

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