Koufuku Graffiti Episode 3: Rice Omelettes Galore!

Food erotica continues this week. And again, less happens as usual. But more cooking happened this time, so that made me happy, since the reason why I wanted this show was because it was going to be about cooking. Though this isn’t a cooking show where the protagonist strives to be a chef. Instead, the protagonist is just a great cook and food brings people together and creates fond memories. Which I like too. So let’s continue.

Ryou gets a package in the mail from her parents, with a lot of rice in it and a note. Also, it’s the day for a very important exam. Ever since getting the note from her parents, Ryou was really nervous and didn’t want to mess up and disappoint her parents. Well…she messed up. The exam was drawing a still-life sketch of some bamboo things. That’s all it was. But…for some reason, Ryou fucked up. She made it third from last in her class because she drew the wrong thing. Instead of the bamboo with the basket, she drew a bowl of rice with bamboo shoots in it. Like…how do you fuck up that bad? I’d understand if her nerves made her draw the bamboo really ugly, but…drawing a completely different thing? I mean her drawing looked great, but…okay.


So Ryou’s upset, and Kirin thinks of a way to cheer her up. She asks for the bamboo the teachers had, so she and Ryou could make the rice with bamboo shoots because the drawing gave her a craving. Also, Kirin asked Shiina to come along too (the girl from last episode). She had a plan to cheer her up, but Kirin didn’t want Ryou to know that so she made up a bullshit excuse of Shiina going to be abducted by aliens if she doesn’t eat the rice with bamboo shoots what the hell. So, they go. Make the food. Moan. Awesome. They have a nice time, especially Ryou because eating with her friends reminds her of eating with family. Yay!


It became late so Shiina stayed over because Ryou actually believed the stupid alien story. They talk about this movie about rice omelettes and they gush over it. Kirin and Shiina buy eggs the next morning so they can make the rice omelettes, and they make so many and talk like they’re in a cooking show so that was kinda cute. More moaning and happiness and Ryou’s happy. Then Kirin goes home.

stop that

This is a show I can’t talk much about. It’s cute, the food looks yummy, they eat and it gets weird, and then it ends. It’s nice, but I can’t find a lot to talk about. I like Kirin’s meat satchel, so there’s that. The yuri undertones? There was A LOT of it last week, but not so much this week. Um…SHAFT’s animation started getting annoying now (last week was worse) but that’s just me. I like that they all spend so much time together. Food really does bring people together. Me being Latina, food is super important to us and it always brings people together, makes things fun, and we always have lots of it to share around. So I really understand this show and its message. It’s really nice. I hate keeping things short, but if I keep typing I’m just going to sound dumb. Next week we’ll continue the food erotica with friendship and cuteness.


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