Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV – Episode 2 [Dogged Runner]

ALRIGHT, here we go everyone, episode two of Brotherhood!  * is pumped up*  (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


Prompto’s driving the Batmobile their super cool black car, and he just can’t keep his eyes on the road, much to Ignis’ annoyance. Suddenly he swerves, running them right onto the shoulder. Ignis and Gladio ask Prompto why he did that, and it turns out there was an injured dog in the middle of the asphalt that he was trying to avoid hitting. Prompto carries the young dog off to the side so he can try to help the poor animal, while Ignis gets him a first aid kit, and this triggers a flashback about how animals indirectly led to Prompto meeting Noctis.

So as a kid, Prompto was an overweight blonde boy who loved taking pictures of animals. He didn’t really interact with his peers much, including Noctis, who was already a favourite with the girls even at that young age.

Prompto walks home alone, and returns to an empty house. His parents are either away, live elsewhere, or are no longer alive. (I haven’t done any character research so I’m not sure which is true.)  He eats fast food for dinner each night, with no one or even a pet for company. What a lonely existence. vlcsnap-00008

One day while on the way to school, he finds an injured dog. He bandages it up and takes it home to feed it, then leaves for school. At the end of the day, he rushes home for the first time, eager to see how the dog has fared. Prompto bathes the little dog he has named Tiny, and makes a bed for it at night. However after Prompto falls asleep, Tiny escapes out the bedroom window. Prompto is very worried and searches everywhere for Tiny, but he is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile up at the castle, Tiny Pryna has returned home. His owner is a young Lunafreya, who was very worried about her pet. She figures out it was Prompto who took care of Pryna because the yellow cloth he’d tied to Pryna’s leg had his name on it. So Lunafreya tracks down Prompto’s address and writes him a letter.

It is not specified how long it takes Lunafreya’s letter to reach Prompto, just that one day he has a letter waiting for him when he gets home from school. Lunafreya professes her gratitude for his taking care of Pryna, and she encourages him to continue to be a good friend to Noctis, as she hears that he often does not socialize with his schoolmates. However because Lunafreya has never met Prompto, she has no way of knowing that Prompto actually does not talk to Noctis at all. Noctis is a popular, good-looking kid, and Prompto is an overweight outcast; these social circles usually do not overlap much in a school environment.

Regardless Prompto tries to introduce himself to Noctis the next day, but he trips and botches the encounter. Noctis makes a passing comment about how heavy Prompto is, which inspires Prompto to begin to exercise and lose weight. He is determined to become friends with Noctis.

So Prompto starts taking pictures of himself, one a day, to track his weight loss. His exercise method of choice? Running. Of course he has little stamina and endurance in the beginning, but as he starts to make progress, he becomes more energetic and encouraged. Prompto also tries to eat better, and he takes inspiration from other joggers, at one point evening asking one of his classmates for tips on how to be a good runner. Throughout it all he avoids Noctis, determined that he will not ask Noctis to be his friend until he’s in good shape.

vlcsnap-00022At long last, after what must have been at least a couple of years, Prompto is looking… well. Um. He’s looking pretty damn good. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up. Both Prompto and Noctis are in what I’m assuming is high school, and Prompto decides to finally make his move. He approaches Noctis and introduces himself, and to his embarrassment Noctis vaguely recognizes him as the chubby kid with the camera who fell in front of him years earlier.

Back in the present, Prompto puts some salve on the wild pup’s leg, and sets it down so it can be reunited with its family. He gets back into the car (with Ignis driving now, lulz) and Noctis wakes up, asking what the stop was for.

As they resume their trip, Prompto turns around to ask Noctis if he would be allowed to meet Lunafreya, and Noctis cheekily asks him why he wouldn’t be allowed. The camera pans up as their group drives on down the road, getting ever closer towards Caem.

My thoughts: Awesome episode! This series is two for two so far in my book. I would’ve never pegged Prompto as someone who was overweight when he was younger, but puberty and lots of hard work can cause big changes in the adolescent body. Prompto is also not my favourite character, so I wasn’t sure how much I’d like this episode going into it (I’d already heard it was going to be centred on Prompto), but I’m glad I enjoyed it as much as I did.

Also, Kid!Prompto learning to choke down salad made me giggle. I don’t eat as many fruits and veggies as I should either, and if someone handed me a massive salad like that I’d probably have a similar expression on my face too.  ( ̄。 ̄)

I suspect that this miniseries will largely focus on Ignis, Prompto and Gladio, and the effect Noctis has had on their lives. Namely why Noctis inspired them to become his friend, and they his protectors. I’m most looking forward to Ignis’ episode, if he gets one, as he is my favourite character. Maybe we’ll even get to see a little of Lunafreya in Caem too?

I’m guessing the next episode will be released in July, so I’ll be back with my next review then! Is anyone getting excited for the release of Final Fantasy XV in September?


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Gimme FFXV!
I was quite surprised at how well the episode did with Prompto’s character; it certainly seems to have raised everyone’s opinions of him to some degree (and am personally waiting on some info on Gladiolus.)
I think that the episodes are supposed to be weekly now, I’m not sure.


Sometimes I forget the gang’s running for their lives and think they’re headed to some concert in Caem, the way they act and dress.

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