Holy crap, shit just went down. Now THIS is more like it. I knew I signed up for this for a reason xD

…Anyone put off by the first episode should definitely reconsider.

Run from the evil loli everyone


Haruaki arranges for Fear to join his school, where to his surprise, she ends up well-liked and happy. After her first day, she goes home with Haruaki and Konoha only to be attacked by a strange woman trying to kill the “Fear in Cube”.


OMFG WHAT JUST HAPPENED??? O_O I was getting ready to drop this anime, I really was. Everything seemed so generic and ecchi, with Fear flashing her pantsu every few minutes and Konoha walking into Fear and Haruaki “accidentally” in an awkward position. Almost nothing about the first half was memorable, apart from a student council president being introduced and a dodgy blonde called Peavey repeating the word bitch all the time.

Then by the beautiful seaside, all of a sudden that dodgy blonde shows up with her huge hand claws and proceeds to try to beat the shit out of them, only to be stopped by Konoha. I had a feeling she wasn’t human either, but she is still unable to beat Peavey until she transforms into a sword and Haruaki uses his bankai.

Bankai. Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

But then even Haruaki and Konoha combined have trouble beating her, and even though their final attack succeeds, I think her ability causes the same damage back to the opponent and OH MY GOD THE BLOOD WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN

From something like Blood-C, this would be the minimum of gore and singing present each episode, but it’s not Blood-C. It’s an ECCHI LOLI anime which didn’t even have any signs of battles in the OP and ED – in fact, the sakura petals floating everywhere made it look more like a slice-of-life. It’s a good thing there weren’t any white annoying censor bars for both this and the ecchi, Silver Link got that bit right at least. Haruaki’s hand turns bright red with all the blood, and Fear completely snaps and loses it. What have they done to you, Yukarin…

Insane loli is insane.

So Fear and Konoha are both cursed tools, with Fear being a giant black cube and Konoha being a sword. And it looks like the group after them wants to destroy all the cursed tools, but obviously Haruaki will have none of that and will defend both girls (or objects?) from anyone that will try to attack them. What worried me a bit was Fear’s past; according to the dodgy lady she’s murdered lots of people in the past, from women to children to the elderly. Her wavy hair was pretty scary for a loli too – think Ika Musume, but actually squidding killing people o.O Definitely unexpected, if the first episode was anything to go by.

Anyway, I’m actually impressed with how the show’s completely turned itself around from an ecchi to an dark action/supernatural – I kinda expected it from the pre-season synopsis, but I anticipated something more like BakaTest’s light slapstick battles instead of stuff with blood and limbs. The entertainment value has improved so much, and I’m definitely going to continue blogging this, despite the doubts I had before I watched this episode.

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  1. TheTruth

    Y did it end like that, why? she was gonna kick some serious ass

    1. Vantage

      They had to make us keep watching somehow xD

  2. TimesTicking

    Shit things were getting so good too.
    Fear is pretty damn scary… Almost shit my pants towards the end.

    1. Vantage

      And she’d better stay that way too – I’d take an evil loli over a generic pantsu-flashing loli anyday, god knows I had enough of that from sitting through stuff like Lotte.

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