For some reason this show suddenly became a lot cooler. Maybe it’s cause of the new OP…


Kuroe, an old friend of Haruaki’s and also a former cursed tool, returns to town and sets up her previously closed beauty shop, attracting many customers on its reopening date. At the same time, a new enemy makes herself known to the group – Alice, a weird woman who wants Fear to join her cause.


That new OP is really cool, I’m not sure what the occasion is (probably Winter, given the snowflakes), but a change from the first one with the sakura petals was welcomed xD It gives the show a much more battle/action feel to it, which is definitely much needed.

Well amidst all the ecchi, the show wastes no time at all into getting into its next arc, and I felt that the episode was pretty fast paced, if only because of all the multiple developments happening at the same time. And one of them was the return of an apparently old friend – loli girl Kuroe, who, not surprisingly is also a former victim rescuee of Haruaki’s. I think a method mentioned before about how to lift curses was through helping people, and having a popular beauty salon is a really quick way to do that, its no wonder she had her curse lifted. Oh, and Sovereignty seemed to have an interest in her.

Speaking of Sovereignty, she’s become a…well, is quickly becoming a moe character, or at least very different from how she used to be. Not that it’s a bad thing – I do prefer this version of Sovereignty, the one that’s not going around impaling her lovers on curved thorns. Anyway, though Kuroe acts all cutesy and loli, and is seemingly loved by everyone, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if she has some other personality or dark past. After all, you must have been involved in something big to have some crazy woman after you.

…No, not her.

That’s better. The last of the main new characters introduced – someone called Alice, who didn’t seem too aggressive, but if Peavey was anything to go by, that cello case probably contains some huge weapon of mass destruction or something. We know nearly nothing about this character, other than that she was chasing Kuroe before, and ended up swapping targets to try and make Fear join her.

Also we have Kirika and her hidden agenda coming to light, as she’s seen with a mysterious guy that she obviously isn’t enjoying working for. She seemed in a much quieter mood than usual, even for her standards. At this stage it’s clear she’ll have a much bigger role in the show though, since she’s much more prominent in the OP, sometimes wearing a strange mask.

So there’s been a lot of questions raised this week, with nearly none of them answered. Even more cryptic was Alice’s closing remark – what did she mean by a “culprit”?

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  1. TimesTicking

    Its been a while since I’ve actually enjoyed an episode of C3
    Now there is a new character I love XD I just hope she doesn’t die like Amanda did…
    The OP had a nice feeling to it 😀 I am enjoying this new arc, I just hope its actually good.

    1. Vantage

      I didn’t mind the Sovereignty arc too much, it wasn’t too generic at least.

      Wait, I hope by “new character” you mean Kuroe. I doubt she’ll die, good guys never die! suddenly thinks of all the 2011 shows that proved me wrong

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