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BUT MAN, A ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO OUR DEAR HEROINE FOR TAKING ACTION HERSELF! (MORE THAN ONCE AT THAT! YOU GOT SOME COURAGE GIRL AFTER ALL THIS SHIT YOU’VE BEEN THROUGH) *SOBS* I am so proud of her! She isn’t sitting around doing nothing being a helpless damsel in distress (not that she could afford to)! It was great to see her and Orion teaming up! If it weren’t for him (YAY HE FINALLY DID SOMETHING USEFUL!), she would/may have been stuck in that cycle of being drugged to sleep every day (to the point she might have ended up suffering an overdose). It was definitely the first thought that occurred to me when Toma handed her the first cup, but I will confess that my mind did briefly also consider the possibility of it being part of signs of time running out. It could be a mixed into it, but lets hope not for the sake of the Heroine to continue becoming stronger and taking independent actions.
Whatever information is in that diary will give us the closure for Toma’s route unless- *dramatic sfx* before the Heroine makes it to her apartment, she ends up jumping into another route. But I’m sure they aren’t going to keep that from us since we learned the other guys’ back-stories.
AMNESIA Ep 9 Img 0023Toma Toma Toma. The fact that he had charmed me last week made his twist to his over-protective nature/yandere all more creepy and unsettling (White Knight my ass! Toma you’re doing it wrong!). It really set me off when he said that he (and for the love of god, please tell me that he’s lying) had planned everything to deliberately corner the Heroine into being kept in his apartment- secretly at that AND force her to take the drug through a kiss. I am glad that Shin confronted him and called him out on it earlier, but boy it was still pretty intense to watch.
AMNESIA Ep 9 Img 0025When the heroine woke up and found herself in the cage, while I knew it was coming sooner or later I still shouted, “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK MAN?!”, “YEAH QUESTION YOURSELF WHY THE FLYING FUCK DID YOU PUT HER IN A CAGE! SHE’S NOT A BIRD!” (Did anyone think about “What if she needs go to the bathroom?! You’re going to let her out for that right?! No? It was just me? Okay.) You have no idea how relieved I was to see that the heroine was like, “THIS IS AWFUL BEHAVIOR” because I would have smacked her if she went along with it without any complaints. But I won’t lie, I did find it annoying that she only asked that question because Orion told her to. I would have liked to see what she would have come up with on her own.
Before Toma had left to deliver a report to his professor, he didn’t lock the cage. While it may be me reading too much into it, I think Toma wanted to trust the Heroine to listen to him, and stay put- thus left it unlocked. But the Heroine needs answers, and fast. So she gotta run for it- I hope nobody will get in the way since she needs to either pick the lock, break it with a lock-cutter or whatever you call it or find the key for her diary.
With that said, there are two specific questions that we are waiting to get answers for: What did the heroine have planned on August 1st (clearly it was for Toma) that Ikki surely must have taken part of in advising/helping her out, and the second one is why does Toma act like this? Why doesn’t he trust anyone? What influenced him to go this far into protecting her?
I probably have more to talk about, but my left arm is in a lot of pain today so this will be all for this week. I am very excited for the next episode and see where will the jump take us next!


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  1. ramblinkat

    GEEZ TOMA YOU’RE INFURIATING. I knew that all of this would happpen and yet I still freaked out seeing it play out since it was quite different to the other eps so far, and you know what else? He feels guilty over it too like I hoped but it doesnt make it any better right now because GEEZ MAN you got some problems of the emotional kind that I hope that diary explains more about. It really is annoying since like Orion stated he does care for her genuinly and wants to protect her and all that but in sooo many wrong ways, its annoying that I still like him but seriously? Drugging and locking her up? Bad bad baaaaad you stupid yandere. Props to Shin for being the only sane thing in this ep lol I wonder what happened to him anyhoo? I hope these bros can still be bros and all that
    Honestly though I actually felt more annoyed with MC this time since although she did react a little more I think that if Orion wasn’t there to help and be just as freaked out with the situation then MC wouldn’t have done too much without those nudges and really man, you just found out you got drugged, locked up and lied to by your best friend, I know you don’t really remember that but let me see a bit more emotion here beyond being shocked! Hell even Toma is saying you should be angry at him lol So yes, thank freaking God Orion turned up, he may not be able to do much but atleast he knows how to handle these situations better
    But yes I also wondered how they handled the bathroom situation lol I’m guessing he was atleast nice enough to let her do her business.. I hope. But gosh I laughed alittle when he decided to sleep on the floor, being a gentleman and then i’m just there like, ‘Dude its too late, you’ve already proven to be a prick’ haha and what kinda uni teacher calls up their student at that time of night to correct their work?? Crazy school system
    But oh man I thought MC was gonna skip to another route when that car turned up, i was like ‘AW NO NO NOOOO…!’ but thank goodness the anime decided not to troll xD But yes there’s still a couple more mysteries to solve! Lets see how they wrap up Toma, in a hopefully more… Positive note, though I’m really hoping he doesn’t catch up to her before she gets to that diary ooooh the suspense.

  2. hashima ashira

    toma is cruel but it sometime he wanted to protect the heroine…i like heroine with shin more than toma is number two…shin is my ichiban

  3. Rizumu

    I LOVE this anime 🙂

  4. Ayano

    Even though I have read about all the routes I was still surprised as to how this played out. Toma is taking things way too far! Suppose that is part of his personality.
    I am glad that Heroine is finally spurred into action, even if Orion did give her a little push. So curious to find out what is in the diary.
    I was also really surprised when Shin rocked up, if he knew something wasn’t right, then why did he leave like that?
    So many questions! Can’t wait till next week.

  5. Haine Senpai

    We’re the same last week he charmed me because he was so caring and all… but this week, he became such a turn-off =.=
    My questions are :
    What’s inside the book!!?? (obviously -.-)
    What did Toma do to Shin??? (I hope Shin’s alright)
    Will the Heroine get killed?!?! (Cause remember Ukyo said something that she’ll die)
    I love your review… I also noticed that toma didn’t locked the cage ^_^
    I’m very proud that the Heroine has done something cause she just frequently wait… good thing she took action!! >o<
    Love this anime so much <3

    1. Eva

      Thank you <3
      I don't think the Heroine will die- although it WOULD be an interesting dark twist if this anime were to suddenly got the bad end or something ahahahahahahahaha. I have this strange feeling though that Ukyou (not sure which one, if anything it'd most likely be INSANE!Ukyou) is going to meet her inside her apartment.

  6. BNV

    Ehh…. now knowing Toma is crazy to drug the girl and to put the girl in a cage, yeah, you lost points. I mean even when he tried to be fair by sleeping on the floor with the MC that wasn’t being “gentleman” like. I was just thinking, “Yeah right you demented, selfish b****rd.”
    Though, I heard when you follow Toma’s route when he goes ridiculously yandere-possessive, the VA did a job sounding sexy while being insane. XD
    Ha ha… I loved your post! It made me laugh (the bathroom lol hilarious but true!), and I watched the episode immediately after reading this. Regarding the MC, sadly, I’m not surprised she still came off clueless as ever. The MC is no different from Nanami from Uta no prince. It just brings me to question why authors create heroines that are so boring and bland? This MC is alright, and I like the VA for her… it’s not too squeaky and annoying. I’m just happy that Orion came to the rescue, but my hope for the MC having some backbone may not happen. Thanks again for the post!
    p.s I wanted to ask you… how did you get the amnesia psp game? (>.<) I want to get my hands on it too! XD

    1. Eva

      Thank you <3!
      I find it a bit difficult to compare Nanami (Utapri) and our dear Heroine (amnesia) since their characters are in different circumstances. So it's hard to say which is better than the other/on the same level. On top of that, their stories are SIGNIFICANTLY different - one is striving to become a professional songwriter/musician whatever- the other is striving for survival. Also keep in mind, the style/format of the script is very different between the two shows (I mean, OUR DEAR HEROINE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A NAME /SOBS iamstillclingingtoathreadofhopethatwewillhearitattheendorsomething)
      I bought the AMNESIA psp game from CDjapan, but it's in Japanese so until I learn the language or find a tutorial I can't really "play it" properly (by the way I believe there is one that at least summarizes the game- but I can't say for sure since I only heard of it). With that said, I would say be optimistic and support AksysGames localizing the otomes games because it looks like they have some sort of deal with IdeaFactory since they just recently released Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi (which I yet to pick up) following a second otome game coming out: Sweet Fuse: At Your Side. Since AMNESIA's anime has been licensed by Sentai-Filmswork, it helps to have a following (like Hakouki had) so I am being optimistic that they will eventually pick it up.

  7. LilGamerGirl

    His love for her for 18 years. Thats what xD and which is why I love him~ also he didn’t plan anything either, its those fuckin fangirls T.T but he’s really cute, he loves her dearly and his will too protect her is too strong. Thus the cage -3-

    1. Eva

      That’s some hardcore love. LOL. XDDD

  8. Evangeline Chandran

    Honestly, the yandere was sickening. Toma is COMPLETELY PSYCHO!!! And I can’t believe he lied to her about them dating! Correction: There are a LOT of things I can’t believe he did, and the lying is just ONE of those things. (Can I say, FREAKING CAGE???)
    But honestly, the heroine has no backbone. NONE. NADA. ZIP. Not just in this episode, but throughout. It just stuck out more today. I’d say her most common line is “Eh?” and today when Shin came in and basically exposed Toma for the creepy yandere possessive NOT-boyfriend he is, her response was: *eyes widen* “Eh? Ehh? Eeeehhhh???” and then she kept on sitting in his freaky bed that was covered with his yandere cooties! Call me savage, but I would have run the hell out of there, not caring if I looked like a madwoman. But for some reason she didn’t do that, not even when he was fast asleep before Shin showed up.
    Yet-to-be-named-Heroine has a lot of issues, I think. It bothers me that all this sh!t happens to her and she just says, “Eh? Okay.” Though I agree that it was great she finally took a stand for herself, it bothers me that 1) it’s episode 9 and only now she’s thinking for herself, and 2) we have to look at this ridiculous situation and think she’s taking a huge stand just by running away from a psycho maniac who drugs her and locks her in a cage and has the nerve to call her his princess, when honestly, running away should be second nature rather than a “super-bold move.”

    1. Eva

      Yeah when Toma flipped the switch to Yandere-Mode, it was very unsettling. They did a good job delivering on that, that’s for sure.
      You have to remember that she had an amnesia and right now the only memories she has is from the past few routes over the course of the episodes. Everything so far from her personality (gradually growing) to her wisdom is based on the prior experiences. I think the fact she managed to be ridiculously calm despite the whole situation allowed her to have the opportunity since it made Toma let his guard down by attempting to trust her a bit – allowing her to escape the cage while he was gone, not to mention which quite a head start too. But that might just be me.

  9. Aiko

    Oh, Toma’s cool, I approve of him. -crazy switch flipped into on mode- Oh, too good to be true. I realize the heroine has amnesia, and is just generally soft spoken, but the way she handles it at first just doesn’t sit well with me. If it wasn’t for Orion, she’d probably still be in that cage, withering away like a living doll. I actually quite like her sometimes, she’s sort of endearing in a way, and mildly adorable, but I would have been freaking out in this situation if I were her, amnesia or not. I mean, she could be putting on a sort of calm front, to make Toma trust her enough to leave her alone, but she is risking so much if that were the case. As we saw for a while there, she was unable to make contact with Orion, and if that were still the case, being so soft spoken could very well have been her doom here.
    Thankfully it wasn’t.
    And does anyone else think Toma’s demeanor was kind of freaky after dealing with Shin? I feel like he possibly murdered him or something. I mean he was kind of crazy the entire episode, but something about the way he said he dealt with him freaked me out. Might just be me though.

  10. Shika

    Calm down, people. Toma did NOT kill Shin… that’s just going over the top.
    As a fan of both Toma and the game AMNESIA, I’m getting really pissed off but all the hate Toma’s been getting. It may be the anime’s fault, because in the game he’s constantly talking about how he’s doing horrible things to her and he’s always saying he’s sorry, but that’s the only way to protect her… also, there are some other reasons why he’s acting like that, i really really hope they’ll tell them on the next episode.
    Anyway, I liked your review, and now that I’ve read the previous ones, I’ll be sure to keep reading them.
    Just one more thing, you might want to read this (if you have the patience and the time) to understand Toma a little bit better (may contain minor spoilers):

    1. Eva

      <3 Thank you for the link! I'll be sure to read it after I watch Ep 10 (just to be safe 8Db) :3

    2. LilGamerGirl

      I agree. Most of the hate are from the people who just watched the anime ;-; (he came #1 in ranks :3) he is sweeter in the game but I still love him~

  11. Sophia

    Toma don’t kill her!! LOL Shin needs to come in and save the flipping day. How come he just left?!?!?

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