Hey, Kuro? Tatsuko and friends called. They want their first kisses back.

Illya 4 Img024Kuro’s settling into her new school life just fine, although those passionate kisses are coming back to haunt her. It’s all but confirmed that her everyday life prior to appearing in front of Ilya has been anything but “normal” – simply attending school is what seems to be a sincere wish for her, if getting rid of Ilya is no longer something she can do. We still don’t know how she got out of Luvia’s basement, nor what her other goals are, but we do have a couple more cryptic clues towards the explanation behind her existence. I’m thinking that there’s something to how Caren called her a “mirror reflection”, as well as her heated reaction when Ilya called her a fake. In the past I’ve suggested the possibility that Kuro is an existence borne out of Ilya herself – what if that’s refined a bit further? What if Kuro is literally a chunk of Ilya given physical form? A part of her emotions or something – a certain thing that used to constitute Ilya has been taken and moulded into Kuro. Why would Ilya herself be the fake though? It’s true that she’s acting surprisingly childish – because of Nanoha, I’ve sort of taken it for granted that many of these elementary school magical girls are wise beyond their age. And Nanoha was surprisingly deep, if somewhat too aggressive with making friends. Ilya’s been firmly rejecting Kuro for the entire season now, although I did find her apathy this episode quite amusing.

Illya 4 Img042As for Caren, I’m now seriously questioning whether she’s really a nurse. Or rather, whether she’s seriously supposed to fulfil the role of a mere nurse in this series. Before, she wasn’t even trying to sound even vaguely competent, but I’m very much suspecting she’s undercover in some way – although I’m not sure what the Holy Church (presumably) are after in sending someone to an elementary school besides monitoring Ilya. At the very least, she knows something, but clearly doesn’t care enough to do anything about it – she won’t violate Kuro’s freedom so long as Kuro doesn’t violate hers. Which is basically her saying that, as long as Kuro doesn’t blab to someone like Rin or Luvia, Caren won’t report to who she’s working with about Kuro’s “miracle” existence. Although why would Miyu be the happenstance, and Ilya the inevitable?

We’ve got some Caladbolg II next time, alongside some bath fanservice! Given the trend 2wei is setting, I bet it’ll be steamy in more ways than one.

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  1. Wanderer

    Poor Kuro. She really was just following the rules. Illya went after her this time (although Ruby clearly instigated it. That stick is evil!) while Kuro was minding her own business.

    “Why would Ilya herself be the fake though? ”

    …You don’t have enough information yet. But if it helps, you’re definitely asking the right questions! 😀

    1. Vantage

      I’m sure Ruby was just bored. Though it actually wasn’t Kuro’s fault for once!

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