This is it lads.

The final episode of Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note

I wonder how they are going to wrap things up…

So, what happened during this last episode?  

Well, as expected, Sunahara was only part of the gang to destroy it from the inside because Phantom X has stolen 6 millions Yen from his relatives’s company, the Uhehara Paining Contractors. So Sunahara was only collecting evidences on his phone against Phantom X in order to get the money back by blackmailing him. Of course, Phantom X is a filthy twat and wants to destroy Sunahara’s phone, cuz you know, being caught by the police isn’t really funny. He succeds to get the phone and is about to throw it in the lake but…



Gravity is 4 PUSSIES


Just super cool

Wakatake is such a badass dude


I wish I was as cool as those kids


Then, they fight a bit against the gang members and Aya comes with the idea of calling Wakatake’s phone cuz he has  police ringtone. That makes the gangsters  stop a bit, but they soon understand the trick. However, this time, the real police comes and arrests the gangsters. Sunahara then decides to give his phone full of evidences against Phantom X to the police and because he hasn’t done anything wrong when he was in the gang he isn’t charged at all. Although he kind of ignores Aya in front of the Team KZ, he calls her when she gets home. Smooth talker once, smooth dude 4 ever, Sunahara talks about the stars:

“Do you know that no matter where we are, we will always be looking at the same stars ? ”

I’m sorry, he doesn’t really say that, but you get the idea

I wanted to sound cool too


Sunahara also apologizes for hurting her. She says it’s okay, no big deal bruh, and invites him to join the team KZ. He refuses cuz he has to move to another town. That’s sad though, I wanted him and Wakatake to form a sort of duo:” Wakatabro and Smoothara, united against the crime”. That sounds so great. But yeah, Sunahara doesn’t join the Team. Speaking of them,  they have a valentines day’s party, they make and eat a chocolate cake, they are all happy and that’s it.



Final impressions:

I never tough I’ll be liking this shit that much

Seriously myself, WTF ?

Why did I keep on watching this show every week…

I don’t know


I really don’t know. 

At the beginning I misunderstood this show’s intentions. I thought it was going to be another Tantei Gakuen Q or Detective Conan with kids. I’m a sucker for Mystery. Seriously, I LOOOOVE murder stories, maybe a bit too much. As a child, I remember reading only Agatha Christie’s novels, my favorite one being And then there were none which is basically a story where everybody dies. That was awesome. But anyway, first I thought this show would be dealing with murders, kidnappings and other cool stuff like that. So you can understand that I was a bit disappointed while watching 4 episodes on the mysterious disappearance of Wakatake’s bike. It might be around the episode 6 or so that I really started enjoying this, when I dropped all my hopes about murders.

So, what do I think of this show?


Well, It’s cute. At the end of an episode, especially in the two last arcs, I was looking forward to the next one and although I said that I wish the episodes were longer, I, with hindsight, think that the short format was adapted. It’s a cute thing to watch once a week for 9 minutes. That’s it. I would like to recommend it though, but I’m not sure if I know someone who would enjoy this, cuz you know, this is more a kid’s show than anything else.

Honestly, this “end” feels more like the end of an arc rather than a final end to the series. Since it’s based on books I’m sure another season is possible but I doubt it will happens. I don’t know about japan but … yeah, I don’t think it’s really popular around here…

I have nothing to say about the Art or the sound, everything was okay, not memorable but okay.As for the cases, I guess it’s okay too? The funny thing is that every time, each case starts with an non important thing, like Wakatake’s bike and ends up with kidnapping, robbery and other adult stuff with true criminals behind everything. And I’m sitting here like : ” Really ? A poisonous butterfly ? “.

 I think I stayed for the characters. They are all nice with different personalities, even if, some of them like Kozuka or Kuroki didn’t really get enough screen time in my opinion. Aya is an okay heroine, she was a bit awkward at the beginning but she truly opened thanks to the guys. That’s a nice friendship story I must say.

♥Charibo’s rewards♥

  • Best Guy: Sunahara.
  • Best Girl: Kozuka. Lololol I’m so funny. Seriously, Aya is the only girl, that’s not even fair.
  • Best Bro:  Filfthy Wakatake. Even if I talked shit about you at the beginning you’re actually awesome. I love you man

I give this show a 7/10

For me 7 is the “okay” grade, like “yeah, that was nice”. I wont re-watch it but it was okay, no major flaws nor big qualities. Even if Sunahara might count as a solid quality. Seriously, this guy is too smooth. But Aya X Sunahara did not really happened so I’m disappointed. I need a season 2 just to see that.

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  1. KRIM

    I WAS SO SAD when I saw the ep count upd8d on my MAL as being x/16, wah, when I realized there was only one ep left. 🙁 🙁 🙁 WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT THESE SMOL ANIME CHILDREN IN MY LIFE EVERY WEEK!

    It’s funny how the series had less dramatic mysteries than you expected, because for me it was MORE dramatic/serious than I expected haha. Especially with the first one beginning “my bike was stolen” I thought, oh, these are going to be all these simple banal mysteries that aren’t a big deal. Which I was into, because I like something relaxed like that. But then the stolen bike turned into a robbery case haha, and that seemed to keep happening, even things that seemed simple in the beginning turned into ACTUAL SERIOUS POLICE-INVOLVED CRIMES even if it wasn’t like, murder etc.

    Oh haha actually then I kept reading your review and you commented on the same thing. XD

    I thought the production values were pretty cheap/terrible, but expected for a short kids anime like this. For me also, I surprisingly got into the characters, but I also enjoyed the cases haha. And I’m a sucker for cute middle school kids, what can I say.

    I also gave it a 7/10 on my MAL. I would’ve ranked it a lot lower due to the cheap production values and how a lot of the character types/relationships were pretty stereotypical, but the amount I enjoyed it despite all made me give it a higher rating. For the type of show it was, I think they managed to fill it with a fair amount of heart! I WILL MISS IT.

    1. Charibo

      I watched the episode just after it aired and it was still ” unknown amount of episodes” on MAL. And then, later on, I saw “completed”. I was like… WUT ? Seriously ?! Ooooh… Ok… GUESS I NEED TO CHANGE MY POST THEN. HOPEFULLY I TOOK MY TIME TO WRITE IT FILTHY MAL è_é

      Yeah first I was like: “ooh, there is no murders then…” and ” I don’t care about your stupid mountain bike Wakatake” and then ” What the fuckady fuck, gangsters, robbery and other serious crimes? Oooh.. Well… I… nice.”
      I’m still disappointed about the murders though. I wish there was a good detective murder series out there… For some reason I can’t watch Detective Conan, although I love the manga. I actually watched one random episode and I found the culprit and how the crime was committed before Conan… SO I was like: MEEEEH UR NO MATCH 4 ME KIDDO. NEEEEXT

      Well, the Art didn’t really bothered me. I mean, like you I was expecting the cheap animation so yeah, I wasn’t disappointed. I decided to review this show because it reminded me of Perfect Crime Party, the manga created by the heroes of Bakuman ( which is one of my favorite manga EVER). So yeah, but I didn’t had too much hope though.
      I gave it a 7 cuz I want people to check it out.That might be a bit unfair but seriously, do I look like I give a fuck ? :3
      I don’t really trust MAL’s ranking anyway… And I don’t trust my ranking too. I change my mind all the time XD
      I will miss it too… I was expecting the show to be 26 episodes or so … I was seeing myself reviewing it until the end of the winter season…Well, I still have Nijiiro days and Sekkou boys to fill my heart with deliciousness.

  2. Mishayy

    I want an extra eps of only sunahara and aya and the should confess to eachother

    1. Charibo

      Well, it kind of happened already. Aya wrote a card to Sunahara saying that she’s rooting for him. And he said that he really really likes her. Even if they didn’t clearly say “I love you” that’s pretty obvious for both of them.
      But I still want a episode like that XD Maybe we will get a “special” but I highly doubt it

  3. kuma

    Ahhh, I just finished watching the anime and needed to see other people screaming about SMOOTH SUNAHARA (how, how do you exist?) and your reviews are perfect for this. 🙂 I never quite expected to get as attached as I am to this show. IT WAS ONLY MEANT TO BE A THING TO WATCH AS i BRUSH MY HAIR.

    I’m hoping that in the novels this is based on, there is a point where Sunahara actually joins the team. Aya has been aiming for that for half the season. Let’s just do it.

    And Watake….I cannot believe I love that little brat, considering how he started off. (Considering how he still is.)

    This series is very surprising in a number of ways.

    1. Charibo

      Ahaha well, I’m happy that I was able to provide a space to shout our love for Sunahara. I do scream by using caps lock a lot, eh, we all have our own issues but Sunahara is worth it. Too damn Smooth, I still can’t believe it… God damn Sunahara-kun

      I agree, Sunahara in the team would be great. But it seems like the kind of things that we all wish for but which never happens :/

      Tantei Team KZ was snack time for me, I was drinking my coffee and eating biscuits while watching the show. During the episode where Sunahara says that he likes Aya,I actually spit my coffee.True story. I swear I’ve never blushed as much as I did… That was too dense 4 me

      And yeah, I’m in the team Wakatake. Wakatabro till the end, best guy of the team KZ. Haters can hate, Wakatabro’s awesome.

  4. Hannah

    Has the series actually ended? :/

    1. Charibo

      Sadly yes, at least I think so. According to various informations sites, this episode was the last one to air. But I think novels are still being published so we might get a second season 🙂

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