Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan Season 2 Episode 1 [First Impression] (Just as good as the first time)

This show. I don’t know where to start talking about it. It’s just so funny. I’ve been watching it from when it aired last summer(2016) and me and my brother thought it was the funniest s*** after Gintama( which they made fun of in the show). When they made fun of Gintama for taking their slot and Saiki broke the 4th wall, I almost died. I couldn’t stop laughing. Also it’s a reminder, just to watch the new Gintama episodes instead of trying to watch them in order( I have watched episodes 1 through 20, and episodes 250 to 260)

After laughing too hard and having to rewind the video twice, and that’s when I noticed the episode was 30 minutes long. I was excited, because I thought it would just be a 5 minute short like it always was and I had to wait for them to compiled into 30 minute episode. Instead each episode is 30 minutes, which is great for me. I prefer 30 minute episodes of shorts instead of clicking to the next episode every 5 minutes. That is probably me being lazy or our internet is bad, I can’t exactly tell.

They brought back the entire cast: Nendou, Hairo, Kaidou, Kuboyasu, Teruhashi, Yumehara, Saiki’s parents, Mera, Takahashi, Teruhashi’s brother and others. It’s great. Out of all these eccletric characters that I’ve seen in the first episode, my favorite character is probably Toritsuka. I think his family owns a shrine and he can see ghosts and use their skills from when they were alive. He also is a major pervert and is often described as “ the plague” by fellow classmates ( which I think is due to trying to be a f***boy). He also knows Saiki has powers and he tries to take advantage of that when he finds a girl he likes. Pure comedy moments.

And Saiki’s parents. Pure comedy. They love each other too much and they try to be cute in weird situations.

No. You just wanted to see him suffer.

Nendou is also a great character. He is so dumb, but that makes him really funny. Him and Kaidou are just a power-combo when it comes to comedy. An example of that is when Nendou somehow got on Who Wants to be a Billionaire and he calls Kaidou to get an answer to a question on the show, but that goes totally wrong. And he guesses the worst answer on the list for misunderstanding him.  And Saiki is like “ Really, my boy…”

I love how they are making fun of romance all in the middle of this show also. I think this show’s genre is a shounen comedy, but they often make fun of romcom in the middle of it. Teruhashi is love with Saiki, but Saiki doesn’t like her that much and he always tries to avoid her. Yumehara is in love with Kaidou and in the first season, she lost weight for him( that was funny, one of my favorite episodes in the first season). Mera is in love with food( is that a love?) Toritsuka is in love with any girl who is pretty. Saiki’s parent’s are in love with each other( well, most of the time…) Teruhashi’s brother is in love with Teruhashi…( incest! Okay, I need to stop while I’m ahead.)

Then that whole joke where it has only been a week in their world, but a year in our time. I love how he mentioned it in the first 2 episodes and at the end of the show.

And I liked the episode title art. Especially the one with Kaidou in it.

I noticed in the opening and in the ending, they would sing a line and Saiki would say some stuff in the middle, which made me laugh a lot. The stuff he would say would contradict the singing.

This show was so enjoyable. My brother promised to watch the second season with me, so I’m going to watch his with him one more time.

Update: We watched it and he laughed, he was dying. Especially at the when he changed into a girl on the 4th short.

Chance of Blogging: 100%

Comedy Level: 8 out of 10

Extra funny moment from this show.

She asked for more screentime.. and I couldn’t stop laughing.

That sign in the back of them and the fact it has only been the weekend and he forgot the way to school.