Now, I’m going to leave some time to flame that in guy in the forum. Does Saiki look like he will like Teruhashi any time soon? Does the show look like it will get rid of its comedic devices for the sake of romance? Nope. In this first part of the show, it looks like Saiki has a plan to get Teruhashi off his back once and for all. He want to get Imu to like him, so Teruhashi will give up.

In the back of his mind, he probably knows that isn’t going to work out too well for him. A plan is a plan, though and we won’t know it won’t work until the end. The plan is going to backfire with Imu actually liking him for real or Teruhashi trying even harder to get him. Imu started to like him when she looked at him. I believe Saiki is a 6 out of 10 is handsomeness because he isn’t ugly and isn’t extremely beautiful where people have to stop and stare.

Also in the first place, I forgot why Teruhashi likes Saiki in the first place….I forgot because I didn’t rewatch the first season or read the manga. Like Imu said, Saiki is an “average guy” on the outside. He isn’t “extraordinary” and he tries not to stick out too much.

Then Saiki’s parents birthday present fisco. They don’t know what to get each other, but what they get means they have to make sacrifices for each other. The mom brought an action figure case, but the dad sold all his action figures for the money for her gift, which was a handicraft set, but she got rid of all her handicraft stuff to make room for the action figure case(phew, that was hard to explain).I found that cute for some reason( I need a love story like that). My stepmom gets my dad a cheesecake for his birthday. He doesn’t show it, but he gets really happy. I have no clue what my stepmom gets( but she hates cake), but I believe my dad got her a new alarm clock last time. Her alarm clock was looking questionable..

That whole hamster part, though. Saiki always meets weird animals that approach him. This time, a lost selfish hamster approaches him because he can’t find his owner. Saiki want to leave him there, but he said “ there will be a stain on my conscience if I left you out here to die”. So now he’s helping.

Then we get to see that cat from the first season.  I think this was my brother’s favorite character in the series. He always was dying when he saw him. Him and the hamster have equal amounts of selfishness and arrogance, which makes them funny. The cat knows where the owner of the hamster and shows him where they are( not after almost killing the hamster). Then the previous owner already got a new hamster, so he couldn’t go back, so Saiki decides to find him a new owner.

Saiki tries everyone in his class as his new owner, but the hamster does not like them minus Nendou        (who can surprisingly take care of a hamster). The first person he has is Hairo, who forces him to exercise too much and he didn’t like that. He also gave him a weird name, I believe it was Chicken Filet or something like that.

Then had Kaidou as his owner, and he gave him a weird name and was just creepy in general. He was only creepy because he was talking about dissection and the Dark Reunion. And he stabbed the apple with a dissecting knife.

Then Yumehara, the girl who likes Kaidou, took him in and she talked to him all night about Kaidou. Literally all night. And she also dressed him up. Also, that poster of Kaidou. Where did she get that picture. Actually, it is quite easy to get pictures of people now online.

Teruhashi didn’t want to take him in because she has a cat. Good idea.

Then we actually have a decent owner, which is Nendou. He cleans the hamster cage, feeds him lots of food, and pets him without hurting him. Something Nendou is good at. 😊 The hamster has a good owner, Nendou has a new hamster, and Saiki doesn’t have to take care of a hamster.

Then the last part of the show involved massages. Saiki’s brother got his parents a massage chair for their birthday and it shocks people( of course, it’s his brother).

Saiki’s parents think Saiki needs a massage, so they try to massage him, but his shoulders are so stiff, they feel like rocks to his parents. They uses different methods to try to unstiff his shoulders. The dad is the one that started hitting him with things and the mom tries to hit him with an ice pick. Then they use a jack hammer thing…what is even that massage and why did those construction let him borrow that?

Then Saiki solves his problem by going under a waterfall and raining crushed rocks on himself. Then someone sees him, which made me laugh.

Then what really solved the problem was him sitting in that massage chair and being shocked. Dang!

There was some moments in the show that didn’t really fit into my post.

That dog who looked cute on the outside, but according to Saiki reading its mind, it wanted to kill everyone:

The parents again( everyone gets mad at the brother minus the mom)

Okay, y’all catch you next week. Just Saiki’s face when his terrible movies get thrown away( okay, they were B rated movies…not that bad.. but bad enough)

Love for this show: Very High