Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan Season 2 Episode 6( This show has cliffhangers?? What?)

I didn’t think this show would end in a cliffhanger. Just saying. They usually fix the problem in 2 shorts or in one episode. This time it will take 2 episodes to fix.

Mera turns in the Amazonian Woman and is eating like a dog??? Okay then.

Saiki was trying to get out of hanging out with his friends, but he didn’t succeed. I honestly think he enjoys it, otherwise he really wouldn’t go with their craziness. Seriously, when my friends want to hang and don’t want to, I get out of that real quick.

The trip is basically the rich kid taking the group on a cruise. And the ship might sink because they had a rush in making the ship. The only condition of them going on the trip is that Teruhashi was going, so they gathered the crew.

Kaidou gets seasick and Yumehara decides to watch him and she throws the anti-seasick meds out the window, so she can watch him longer…

Then Saiki gets “seasick”, which he denies that he has( which is hilarious) and Teruhashi tries to take out his limiters, so he can rest comfortably, but in reality, she makes the ship sink because Saiki’s powers are not controlled. Remember that hotel incident in the first season? Y’all know.

I love how Saiki says “ I should’ve not gone on this trip, all the signs told me not to go.”

I love how the Saiki just goes with everything. He just could get out of it, but he doesn’t. At least Saiki is not a jerk, and doesn’t leave them on island. He could of, but his conscience. He saves everyone from drowning and put them on an abandoned island, which is accidentally in South America and not near Asia at all because his powers are not controlled.

Saiki realizes he done messed up because they are in South America. And them Mera eats all the food( and becomes the Amazonian woman) and now they are f***ked. End game for all of them. And like all castaway stories, they get really miserable until they find a breakthrough. (Saiki teleports to the store to get some food and brings it back and makes it look like the tide brought it in.)

Since Saiki wants to conceal his powers, he makes this whole thing more complicated than it needed to be. He also doesn’t want it to be giant thing involving the police and stuff, so he tries to keep it on the low. And then Nendou( of all people) suggests they bulid a raft. Saiki thinks they he can teleport the raft while they are in the ocean without everyone noticing, so he gets tape and building supplies for them and they bulid a raft.

Then Saiki notices the raft might fall apart, so he adds extra things to hold it together. While everyone is asleep by the way.

Meanwhile Saiko is suffering because he doesn’t want to be a peasant. I literally didn’t feel bad for him. Teruhashi tried to get him to eat with her charms, but he was like nah.. his pride was too high.

Saiko still has pride, but Teruhashi’s pride is damaged.

Anyways this is two piece episode, that I can’t wait to watch, in general. They literally have made fun of every castaway show. One person is panicking( Kaidou), the pretty girls( Yumehara and Teruhashi), the person who wastes resources( Mera), the guy who doesn’t want to associate with anyone and is a lone wolf ( Saiko), and the dumb guy( Nendou). And in some shows there is narrator and that is Saiki. Saiki could also be that guy who knows what’s happening and everyone doesn’t know anything except they are on this island…

Another funny thing:

Saiki teleports home while everyone else is on the island.

I still love how he could have let them die and his suffering would be at ease. At least, he isn’t a savage.

Hmm. We will figure out this out soon. Next week, y’all!





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  1. zztop

    Saiki’s source manga has just ended its run as a serialized weekly in its home magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump.
    However, the author will continue it as a 4-panel manga in the same magazine.

    1. Pandora

      Aww. I’m on book 2, I gotta finish the manga!! I wonder is the anime going to follow the manga or try to have its own ending?? hmm.

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