“Guess who’s back, back again
Shady’s back, tell a friend
Guess who’s back..”

The shady and questionable brother is back again in the funniest episode of Saiki so far. I literally almost died. Instead of doing the normal summary, I just really want to talk about the moments I was crying in laughter. This is literally the funniest thing all week minus Waffles and Pancakes( a LINE webtoon comic). I’m crying over there. Let’s jump in.

The grandpa as a general character, he is so tsundere. He loves his grandchildren so much, but he hates the dad( for unknown reasons….was it mentioned in the first season or he just hates him for some reason). He just hangs up on the dad whenever he calls…

And when his grandsons call, he gets all lovey-dovey and he almost gets scammed by Kuusuke(Kuu), the older brother who tells him to bring 4 million yen( almost 40,000) to the train station( hey, hook me up with that 40,000. Going to college problems..).

Why tho????? Saiki thought something was suspicious, so he goes with him and sees that the brother is playing some tricks. The brother is just so sketchy…

When you say your not going to do a summary and your doing a summary anyway. God, why do I do this( don’t worry, I’m laughing right now).

Then Saiki and Kuu have a competition at the Summer Festival and Kuu wins in amazing victory using that laser. Lazerz!

Then another joke they have is that the festival is shoddy. Reminds me of the festival like thing that happens in our town every 3rd Thursday. It’s not even that it’s shoddy, basically overpriced vendors sell things and they close off the main road. And there is a bunch of homeless people( and I feel really bad).

Then Kuu decides to live in the town with his grandparents, and he decided to use the town as one of his experiments because he has no regard for human life. And he still hates Saiki alot. I forgot the reason he hates him so much in the first place. Maybe because he has powers.

He look like he about to get clapped.

When Saiki has to go visit him to give him a package, the package fall open and they find out his real plans( which are to kill him, by the way). And they are about to wreck him, so he starts running( insert to be continued meme)

Then the second part of the show is when Toritsuka, Mikoto and Saiki meet up together and realize they are all psychics, which is funny because now they know about each other and they combine their powers(I guess).

Toritsuka and Mikoto start fighting about who is the best psychic, and Saki just wants to f*&k out of there like he always tries. He didn’t even want to be in there in the first place. Mikoto just found him there and Toritsuka just saw them in there.

Toritsuka is a low life, but still my favorite character( Jirya from Naruto is my favorite character, just right before my man Shikimaru). He always looking for that a$$ and tites. And he even looked at Mikoto’s underwear. He’s just great comedy and that why I love him! Okay, don’t think I’m creepy(please).

Then that entire cockroach scene. Saiki and all the psychics are afraid of cockroaches

Then the manger just kills it, solving the problem and making him Saiki’s new sidekick according to Mikoto’s and Toritsuka’s competition rules. RIP the compeition, at least for now.

Me at the beginning of the show: Aww.. Dang it, I have to watch Saiki again. Again…

Me in the middle of show: ( in the middle of dying) I love this show, why did I ever not want to watch it…

Also another funny part. You were hit on? I almost died at that part.


Chance of finishing 10 chapter in the Saiki manga this week: 40%( there is bunch of things to do…the semester is almost over)


Chance of me watching the show next week: 99.3%