Okay, I wish I wasn’t sick then I would have watched this program earlier. Just saying.

Everyone else: Would you have??

Me: Yeah!

Everyone else: You lying right now, aren’t you?

First of all, I love how Saiki drags out this entire thing even with his powers because he doesn’t want people to know about his powers. I would have teleported them to their houses in their sleep and made it seem like a dream. That was interesting, Saiki usually tries to end things as fast as possible, but usually honestly, it doesn’t end like that( the hamster, friends, that stupid newspaper club, etc..)

Finally, they get rescued and ultimately don’t use that raft. Nobody dies. But I think they were making fun of the fact, people who get stuck on islands don’t get rescued and usually divulge into madness before people even come. I can’t find any examples of this. But usually in castaway movie, they show up and they scanavage for food. One person usually finds food and the others have to get on that person’s good side to get food and added protection. The other people who don’t get to the good side of that person usually die or make an opposing party. Then the killing begins( says Kaidou), people starts killing each other for resource and at least half of the island dies. Then when rescuers show up, the rest of the few people who are left, are crazy AF, so they rescuers are like “ Fk this st, I’m out”. Then those people stay on the island and die on the island.

That was long. Sorry everyone. Just talking about the general castaway movie format.

Everyone else: What the h*ll is that format? Is that even a movie, comic, or book?

Saiko finally lets go of a little pride at least, so he doesn’t die of hunger. At least, Saiki used some his powers so he wouldn’t feel as bad as he should have been feeling. And he tries to eat some cup ramen, and he hates it. Probably because of the salt. Also, when they were deciding who goes on the raft…I almost forgot about that. Saiko is just so weird about it. He doesn’t want to ride the peasant raft, but he doesn’t want to be stuck on that island forever unless he is with Teruhashi.

They get rescued by Saiki making a replica island closer to Japan, so they get rescued. I was so confused for a second when he mentioned that. Saiki be doing too much right now.

At least Saiki did not use a boat on the way back… that would have been a giant L.

Then when they get back, it’s a giant news story and a giant mess.

Saiko was nice and made sure that their names weren’t released to the public, but the school newspaper makes an article about it, out of Kaidou’s story of lies he tells the class.

Then they try to involve Saiki in this mess and this is when they done messed up.  The newspaper club makes up fake news, so they can get more students to read the school paper. The two people who run it are real sketchy too…. The photographer’s eyes, tho…

Then after Saiki doesn’t want to interview with them, they post fake news about him and everyone is about to kill him, but Teurhashi tells everyone that Saiki does not have a picture of her pooping. In fact, she never pooped on the island at all. At all.

Since Saiki doesn’t tell them any good juice about them being on the island, so they try to make fake news of a Teruhashi pooping in the woods using Photoshop. And say that Saiki has the picture and he won’t give them to the paper. (insert send nudes meme)

But Saiki is not having not of that sh**, so he changes the article with his powers to them making a staged thing to frame Saiki. Got em.

Then the last part( finally), has nothing to do with them being castaways.  It’s about going homework during summer break. While I was in school, we barely got homework during vacation, only read 2 books and write a book report      ( you know everyone went on Sparknotes for that sh**. No one ever reads the books over vacation). So the crew has to copy Saiki homework, so it’s done before break. But Saiki forgets about the picture diary homework, and he has to do it last minute.  Saiki realizes he hasn’t done much of anything during the summer that is worth saying. His friends try to combine their entries into something Saiki has done. It’s bad.

Then Saiki teleports around Japan and makes his own memories, so they don’t have to make bad ones for him.

And its over folks, this blog post, of course. Enjoy your week!