I love how he helps people now with their problems even though he finds them troublesome or he’ll get in a situation he doesn’t want. He is an interesting guy.


The first part deals with Mikoto, who is still looking for her soulmate, checking out all the people who have the initials KS. I almost died when they did the insufficient character bit, with the guy with the initials KS.

No, she not going to put your hand in her boobs, but she will rub your hand with the eraser.

I also love how Mikoto said Saiki looked average and insufficient. I love how people say that about him, but he is way more than that. That’s how he likes it, though.

Then Mikoto and Yumehara stay on the roof looking for her soulmate after thinking it was not Saiki at all. Then Yumehara mentions that her soulmates aura might be too big to see other auras. And Saiki is like ” really, my boy..”

Then Mikoto and Saiki see that something bad will happen to Yumehara( which is the railing breaking and her falling to her death). Saiki saves her, and Mikoto is surprised.

But Yumehara still has a death sign hanging over her, according to Mikoto, meaning she’ll die sometime. I wish I could see stuff that, it would make life so much easier. Today, my friend tried to confess to her crush( who apparently liked her last year), but she got rejected. I watched the entire thing from the car and I felt kinda bad.  But at the same time, I had the feeling the guy didn’t like her anyways before. Hmm.

Anyways, Yumehara almost dies because of eating a poison blowfish fish from Mera and she almost gets hit by a truck. And Saiki saves her.

Saiki saving Yumehara from dying and using his powers, make her like Saiki even more. Which Saiki hates… and wait! That makes someone else who knows his secret. Currently, his family( mom, dad, and brother), Toritsuka, and Mikoto know he’s a psyhic. That’s only 5 people. I’m surprised he’s kept it a secret for that long. I never keep a secret for that long. I basically tell the half a story, not the entire thing.

Then the second part is the circus arc, where they go to visit the circus because Chouno, the magican guy invited them. I love how Saiki came with Kaidou and Nendou anyways, even though he know something is going to happen because Chouno is clumsy.( Saiki threw something at him at this time, but it’s still funny)

Chouno’s relationship with Nendou’s mom. Don’t think about it too much. I started laughing at this part, so it had to be mentioned.

So right before the performance, Chouno somehow hurts himself after a lion scares him. How does ge manage that one. It’s like when my stepbrother hit his head at his friends’ house and didn’t complain about it until we were about to go on vacation. Everyone was mad because everyone was ready to leave and then he had to go to the hospital. And we didn’t leave for vacation until 9pm at night, even though we were trying to leave at 10am. Don’t get hurt at the last minute, folks.

What is that position?

So after that Saiki is told he has to take Chouno’s spot, he was basically forced, who I am kidding? Well, Mr. Ike really thought he was the only one who could do a great job.

Right after his performance juggling on a bouncy ball, Saiki sees a vision of the auditorium’s celing falling down and people being hurt. But since it’s a small flash, he doesn’t know for sure and he was to prevent it or face a disaster on his hands.

Since Saiki doesn’t know what caused the disaster, he tries to elimate anything that will cause a disaster. RIP that guy who wanted to propose to his girlfriend after he finished that unicycle riding on the tightrope.

At the end of all that, he wasn’t able to prevent the disaster, the celing still fell in, but since the celing was made of light materials, no one was hurt. Saiki did all of this for nothing, and I kinda felt bad for him. But everything turned out okay.

The funny part of that entire time is that Kaidou and Nendou didn’t know where he was. They didn’t notice he was clown at all. Wow.

Then the last part when Teruhashi was out sick with a cold and the whole school is feeling “depressed”.

I thought this part was funny, because everyone was overreacting and even though she was out with the small cold, the rumors of what she had got worse over the day. It went from a small cold to a terminal illness real quick.

Saiki was like “ I am not having another day of this mess” , so he uses clairvoyance to see if Teruhashi is actually sick( and she is), but her brother is preventing her from getting any rest.

Saiki clear sends a message to the entire school via telepathy, that Teurhashi is only sick with a cold and she’ll be back tomorrow, to clear the rumors that she has a terminal illness and to stop everyone from being annoying AF.

Then he teleports into Teruhashi’s house, knocks the brother out and which lets Teurhashi get some rest. He really doesn’t like that brother, and he must’ve been waiting for that moment. He probably wanted to slap him.

Then Teruhashi comes back to school the next day, well-rested and not sick anymore and everyone wants to have a party because she’s back.

And Saiki is like “ Really, everyone?”

Also, let’s have a moment for the title cards. Gold drawings.


And for the lion who got scared into submission and turned into a fluffy lion:

Thanks everyone, see you next week!