Mahou Shoujo Ore – Episode 11

So after the dramatic reveal at the end of last weeks episode where everything we thought we knew was turned on it’s head. How does the show follow up this shocking revelation? With an episode that was generally good, not great, but good.

Hyoue proves to the girls that their manager is really the demon boss by showing them a photo taken by Fujimoto of their manager with the bunch of demons in his apartment.While this is being established, Mohiro is dragged off into the demon world and portals to the demon world and demons are popping up all over the city. The demon portals shoot a ray that decrease the animation budget and make everything wonky looking…
While a ticket along the bottom of the screen reads “We’ve decreased the animation quality to get along with the story, sorry for the inconvenience.”
It’s times like this I honestly wish I’d had the foresight to read the manga for this show ahead of time. So I could know if gag’s like this are exclusive to the anime or if the manga cut down on the drawings during this part too. I’m not sure why it would matter, it wouldn’t make it any more or less funny for me if it was content sticking to the manga…It’s just one of those things i’m curious about.

Their manager does an over the top broadcast on the television, hijacking the airways to show that he has Mohiro captive and invite the magical girls to come defeat him. He’s wearing a mask, so there can be a dramatical reveal of his identity. Though the girls and we the audience already know it.
The girls jump through one of the portal, leaving Hyoue to try to close up the other portals. Since fairy magic and demon magic isn’t all that different.

The girls rush into a rather gaudy area. Right up to a door that says ‘Final Boss door’, with save point right outside of it. God, their manager really is a giant nerd. They can’t get the door open, so Sakuyo shoves Saki actually just straight through the door.
There is a nice dramatic moment where surounded by demons Sakuyo is telling Saki to go on. Saki is worried because Sakuyo’s love power comes from being with and near Saki. It’s fine though, because Sakuyo has a little Saki doll that she made to keep her going when the real one isn’t around. She also made a little Sakuyo doll for Saki. So they are never truly apart.

Saki runs on to the boss room. Where the manager pulls his mask off in a dramatic reveal…and then tells the demons to cut the broadcast and take a break while they go to commercial. During which time, he takes the time to talk with Saki.
We get a slightly revised version of his backstory that we got the last time. This time, we see that he was a director among the demons. Basically, a guy who sat behind a desk and managed all the work and complaints of the many races that the demons had taken over. When he hears that the Human World, a realm that was rated class-D and not a threat to them all is in danger. The demon stationed there had been defeated by a magical girl.

Apparently, the demon world had anime. So he knew what that was, got hype as hell and said he’d go on a mission to earth to find out about the magical girl threat. When he got there though, all he saw was Saki’s mom. In her man form, getting on in years. His dreams broken, his stay in the human world begins and it follows the backstory we are familiar with up until the start of the show. When the manager and Sakuyo are hiding from Kokoro-chan in the first episode, he overhears Kokoro-chan offering Saki to become a magical girl.
He questions Sakuyo about Mohiro-chan and it begins the set up of the series from there.

Now he wants to push it to the natural conclusion. They’ve reached peak popularity. Now to do something that will make it so the public won’t forget them. Because trends come and go, but you need to do something to stand out to be remembered forever. For Magical Girls, for Saki’s idol career! All of this has been for them. So now, she must defeat him…the demon boss on live television and save the world so Magical Girl Ore will never be forgotten.

Next weeks episode? the epic conclusion. But all we get in the preview is a flashback to the first episode and vague grunting noises from Mohiro…boy do I hope this series can pull it out in the end. It’s got the steam to build to a good conclusion…episodes 10 and 11 were pretty solid. Now just don’t botch the ending!

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I think the joke about decreasing anime quality is anime-original, a jab at how most anime series with budget/time constraints and/or poor planning during its airing end up looking…rather ugly. One case is the recent Marchen Madchen anime, whose production was plagued with so much quality issues and delays they ended up suspending further TV broadcasts.

Ore’s source manga is only 2 volumes long, so I guess they had to pad it with some more gag/meta humour.

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