Episode 16

Not much to say about this episode. It seemed to have focused more on the product placement of the “Fortune Capsule Maker” than anything else. (It was really cute though!) Madoka wanted to win the competition in hopes to cheer her father up a bit since his investigation hasn’t been going well. It’s good to see though that the excuse the alien agent who posed as the director isn’t fooling him anymore since he is re-investigate the evidence of the battle that transpired there. It does make me wonder if he will make an eventual breakthrough, and I am curious to see how he would react if he were to discover his daughter is fighting it out with aliens to protect space!

As for the rival, I didn’t particularly care much about her. She appeared to have been a bit envious of how Madoka was surrounded and supported by friends, and so she kept on convincing herself that friends just get in the way.

Let’s move on to episode 17!

Episode 17

This week the girls are back at Moonlah planet, and this time they are working alongside Blue Cat to work around Drum’s traps he has set for them after he declared he will take the Princess Pens for himself!

It was fun to see the girls work together, especially since their had great chemistry with one another. But while this episode had a lot of entertaining moments, as it turns out, this led us to another major clue pointing to the importance of Planet Rainbow. The planet was first brought up in Episode 15 when the Rainbow Necklace was up for grabs. During that time we learned about its inhabitants tragic fate, and this week,  there were strong implications of Blue Cat’s connection to the planet, and how she is among the few, if not only survivors, especially with her sentimental attachments to its treasures.

But there was one thing that stood out to me, and that was why did Blue Cat look at the rainbow stones instead of the luxurious treasures? It wasn’t until the end of the episode when it finally hit me: It is very likely the two stones are either  family or friends. Remember, during the auction they revealed Rainbow Planet’s inhabitants all turned to stone. While some of us may have initially imagined they were petrified while retaining their original forms, seeing how they were Blue Cat’s main focus, it changes the entire picture. In fact it is both equally terrifying and tragic, especially when you realize about how these stones were amongst what was stolen and are being sold to various places. That’s pretty dark stuff when you really think about it.

This isn’t the end of Planet Rainbow’s importance to the plot, rather this is just the beginning. While Blue Cat worked alongside the precures today so that she could complete primary objective, reclaiming the Rainbow Treasures, it seems her true goal is to gather all twelve of the Princess Pens to use for herself to restore/reclaim what I believe to be her home planet. And what better way to do that than to win the girls’ trust, and then steal them all at once from right under their nose?

Better yet, I am loving how complicated Blue Cat’s character is shaping up to be. I’m looking forward to seeing how her grand scheme will play out.

In all, this week’s episode was a thoroughly enjoyable one. I happen to be a huge fan of Phantom Thief characters, and this episode was all the fun and goodness you would expect. Hikaru in particular was quite fun to watch, especially with how she was sharp enough to notice the small details, such as noticing Blue Cat’s tail when she was impersonating Drum to throw the guards off their tracks. Or better yet, her enthusiasm when she saw the Space Cerberus. While everyone was freaking out, at some point she had ran straight towards it and latched herself onto its stomach to give it a belly rub, successfully ‘taming it’. Prunce was also hilarious with the way he is torn between remaining as Mao’s fan, and being enraged with her betrayal. I died when all of his fan goods fell out of his mouth.

Next week, we’ll be learning about Hikaru’s mom who is a mangaka!


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  1. elior1

    I have to say so far they doing pretty good job with this season overall.

  2. DaRiUs

    Wow…wouldnt have ever thought the stones were actually the inhabitants of Planet Rainbow because just like u said, I thought they were petrified. That would make sense as to why Blue Cat was so sentimental about the 2 big ones…maybe their her parents or something. My question would be what caused this. Was it really the Notraiders? Or something else more sinister?
    Blue Cat us becoming my favorite character of this series…I look forward to more character development from her. And her backstory seems rather interesting, complicated and rather dark which I always appreciate in a PreCure series. The touch of dark realism in a show aimed at young girls always sucks me into it, especially one where it so far has been very light hearted and airy. One of the reasons I liked DokiDoki towards the end, Go Princess, and Hugtto just to name a few.

  3. asiafan

    That is a very good speculation about the stones of Planet Rainbow, also the writers really did a very good job foreshadowing Planet Rainbow, as well as tying in with Blue Cat. And the Princess Pens may have the power to shape reality if what Bakenyan’s said is true. All in all, the Blue Cat arc is getting the story rolling.

  4. Bibi

    … There’s no way Blue Cat can’t be anything else but an actual princess of Rainbow while Bakenyan being actually the butler of her family’s heir.
    I can imagine him turning himself to the villains’ side after the destruction to not only give the princess a chance to escape,
    but also serving as double agent so he can inform her about the key(s) to their planet’s resurrection (including the baddie’s hideout.)
    Though here I’m curious how Blue got the disguise bottle in the first place.
    And can’t wait to see what will happen if Blue finds out about the connection with the pens and Fuwa – even more so since each of them represent natural enemies (cats and mice.)

    1. Eva

      I definitely think there’s a strong possibility Blue Cat is a Princess as well, but I hadn’t thought about Bakenyan being a butler of her family, but you’re right, it would make total sense too.
      In fact, it’s probably very likely to be the case considering Rainbow Planet’s inhabitants may actually be cats (as we saw her tail even when she was disguised as Drum). And if we were to build upon that theory, it would also make sense for the butler to provide Blue Cat the disguise bottle.

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