Beastars Season 2 Episode 1 (First Impression)

Beastars is back and while this episode felt pretty slow, it set up a lot of plot threads for this season. So for a set-up episode, I think it did really well. Also, it’s great seeing Legoshi again because he’s just adorable.

It’s great that we’re going to be focusing on Tem’s murder. It’s been months since the incident happened and the killer hasn’t been caught yet, but before we can get to that we have a school mystery. I was hoping it would be more than the typical “seven mysteries of the school” type thing that happens in anime all the time, and it certainly seems like it’ll be more. If you’ve seen the PV, I think you already know what the animal is though the rattle sound that Legoshi heard throughout the episode also made it pretty obvious. The multiple eye thing is probably an illusion, and I will say that it was actually creepy. The episode really set up an unsettling feeling throughout, and this weird feeling just got weirder with other reveals we got.

When it comes to the “ghost”, I have to really wonder why Legoshi was the only one that could hear the rattling sound. If we’re going by animalistic traits, Legoshi should not be the only one that could hear it since there’s other wolves in the school and dogs also have great hearing. The fact that only Legoshi could hear it is suspicious and strange, and I’m not sure what it’s insinuating. We’ll be meeting our mystery animal next time so we might get an answer to that.

Legoshi is furthering his journey of becoming personally stronger and contemplating his life, and also working on his relationship with Haru. It was pretty cute seeing them hang out, and it’s great that they consistently hang out often. They both get along so well and genuinely enjoy spending time together, but there’s still obstacles in their way with their relationship, with an herbivore and carnivore hanging out. Haru specifically picks a secluded staircase for them to hang out and talk, so they both still have a lot of work to do in that regard. It’s also funny that Legoshi kinda got turned down when Haru said things between them are fine the way they are. Silly, you’re not dating just yet. Still, it’s nice seeing them together again after everything that went down last time. I’m excited to see how their relationship will grow, though I feel like this plot thread might be the one that’ll get less time considering we have so many other things going on and I think the show will shift focus on Tem and the murder.

And yet another thing, probably the craziest thing here is Louis himself. I can’t believe he’s been gone for two months and yet there was never any word from anyone, from authorities or anything. His return is extremely unsettling as he’s acting like a different person, sending in his letter of resignation from the drama club and from the school in general. He used to love acting and the theater and for him to talk down about it was so strange. But overall, it’s just strange that he acted as though nothing happened since the last time we saw him, which was the lion’s den after Haru’s rescue. I was scared he had maybe died, but he probably went through something worse for him to act this way. That “it’s been a long two months” comment also stands out, and I’m just dying to know what happened to him in all this time and how it’ll play out into the main story. Louis is such an important character that I anticipate something huge, and it makes me wonder if we’ll see the lions again. I can kind of sense that we will.

And with Louis out, this gives Juno the shining opportunity to become Cherryton’s next Beastar. I can’t really say that I’m the biggest Juno fan, she’s the type of character that I don’t particularly like. Obsessive and mean, though at least she’s sort of giving up on Legoshi. I think. Juno had already been one of the popular candidates for becoming a Beastar but Louis easily was the front runner. But her spot is basically sealed now that he’s out of the race, and it seems that many of her fellow carnivores are supporters. Ever since her grand speech at the festival, her popularity has skyrocketed and apparently some herbivores aren’t as afraid of carnivores. Which is pretty great to hear, and I do wonder if things will continue to improve in their school and how it’ll affect them all. Though while things with Louis are just too strange, I don’t expect him to be fully gone but we’ll see.

A lot has certainly been set up this time around and I’m excited to see how this season is going to play out! I’m most looking forward to finding Tem’s killer but everything else presented is just as exciting so I hope all goes well. Also I have to mention, the OP song is a banger but the visuals are pretty disappointing. It is pretty hard to do better than a literal stop motion OP with an Ali song, but it’s fine. Anyway! I’m pumped!

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: Guaranteed


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  1. Didn’t actually read your review, but I am going to binge watch the first season and catch up on this.

      1. I think it’s too bad that nobody here decided to cover Horimiya. I think it had the best premiere of any new show this season.

        1. Honestly, I would love to cover Horimiya since I’ve read the manga, but it conflicts with a couple of the shows I’m covering. It is a shame because it is a pretty great series.

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