Not gonna lie, compared to the past two episodes, this one was definitely on the “meh” side for me, but I really enjoyed Karen and Kurumi interactions and teaming up together again (also Shadow zombie-like invasion was pretty funny though the CG is still clunky). Of all the girls, the one Kurumi is without a doubt the closest to is Karen. I always liked their friendship since they’ve meshed well together. Kurumi had me cracking up when saw how many Big Apples she was chugging down, because boy did she get drunk real fast hahahaha! Drunk Kurumi is hilarious! Definitely the cuddle type.

This week it was Karen’s and Kurumi’s turn to become Precures once more. Karen had a difficult patient to work with who was not coping well with the fact she had to get surgery. Makes sense though considering while the doctors say she’ll be fine in a year, but Nana doesn’t have a year, that’s when she graduates. So all of her hard work towards becoming the Captain of the track and field team has been dashed. But honestly I didn’t care that much for the story and was nodding off, which was why this episode was on the weak side for me. So I forgive me, honestly don’t have much to say about that bit in general.

Sadly this episode pretty much yanked away the admittedly stretched idea that the girls were channelling into their younger selves, but nah, Rin confirmed today that Nozomi did in fact revert to her younger self in order to transform into a Precure once again. Still, in the back of my mind I knew it, but I was honestly hoping I’d be wrong that they transformed to their younger selves. It really does feel like a cop out, especially with recycling/touching up the ancient footage from over 10 years ago. I mean really… That’s just plain lazy man.

Like Nozomi, the butterfly made Karen turn back into her younger self, but Kurumi who is not Human to begin with, she just transformed back into a Precure as though she had done it as recently as yesterday.

Anyhow, I do have one theory as to why they went this direction besides nostalgia sake. It crossed my mind when I recalled a time (not too long ago actually) when I was cleaning up and happened across some stories I wrote back when I was a kid. It made me emotional to think about how free and happy I was to write stories back then. Nowadays I’m plagued with being a perfectionist where I constantly feel like it’s not good enough, so I feel like I lost that “innocence” when it comes to writing stories, and it’s a really sad thing. So I feel like Precure may have set up the story so that the girls transform back to their younger selves is to basically tap into the peak of their innocence, where there’s this purity to their resolve– if that makes any sense.

That said, I can’t honestly say I’m happy with they decided to make them transform into their younger selves. Like many others, I had hoped they were going to give us a revamped transformation to reflect their growth as individuals. It just feels like a wasted opportunity, especially for the 20th Anniversary. Anyhow, who knows, maybe we’ll eventually see that closer to the end– like for their power-up if they get anything in this series, but I’m not about to hold my breath for it. I still have my suspicions about the gloomy appearance of their flowers waiting to actually find its color again, so I’m waiting to see if anything comes out of that.

Next time focus on Saki and Mai, but I’ll have to wait a few weeks before I get a chance to watch it! With that said, please read the announcement below!

**NOTICE PLEASE READ: No New Entries for the next 3.5 Weeks!!!!!**

I’m going on a trip, so all of my coverage will be on-hold for the next 3.5 weeks. I’m going to have a lot to catch up to (6 entries when you combine it with Apothecary Diaries), and it will ultimately depend on my health (jet-lagged, sick, or otherwise tired but healthy) on how quickly I will catch up to everything. Frankly I expect myself to be dead tired for the entire week I get back, but I digress.

When I return, the current plan is to do a double post of Episode 4 & 5, and then release 6 & 7 together when episode 7 airs. This is more or less the same game plan for Apothecary Diaries unless I feel it’s best written in a single cohesive entry.

Thanks for understanding! See you when I get back!


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    Have a great trip! Thanks for keeping this blog up and running for so many years! I truly appreciate it and you deserve a break!

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      Thank you!<3 It was nice to have a long break away from the computer for the first time in years hahahaha! And sorry for the late response, your comment got caught in the filter (happens every now and then), had to fish it out. XD

  2. Eva

    Update! Hello everyone! I’m back from my trip, but I’m pretty jetlagged at the moment so it’s a bit difficult to be 100% caught up by the end of the weekend. I think I should be better tomorrow, so I’m hoping to at least get the first batch out by Sunday latest, and then the second batch between Monday and Wednesday. Thank you for your patience and it’s good to be back home again!

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