HEEHEE~ This episode was pure fluff, and was so freaking adorable, that I couldn’t stop giggling with a stupid smile on my face. Arnold was having a field-day with all the opportunities he had to playfully tease Rishe. Though she made it easy for him in a way, such as not being able to stand after their sparring, so he ended up carrying her back inside! It was really cute how he ended up answering all of Rishe’s flustered questions when he had asked her what she had going to ask of him if she had won.

With Arnold’s room is finally ready in the villa, he will now be living alongside Rishe. With their rooms right next to each other, it will make it easy for him to keep tabs on her late night mischief of sneaking out! Not exactly favourable for Rishe when it comes to doing things at night that she doesn’t want him to catch the wind of, but they have made that promise to now go out together when she needs to, and it’s up to Rishe to uphold that, and find other ways to take care of those matters.

The nap scene was exceptionally adorable. I do love how these two are somehow able to be quite comfortable with being intimate with each other, to the point Arnold trusts Rishe enough to give her permission to touch his scar– though he did have to warn her to stop because she kept doing it for so long it was becoming more of a tease. Rishe made me laugh so hard when she had given him permission to touch her neck, even though there’s absolutely nothing to touch there, except for ahem, other reasons– which seems to have completely slipped Rishe’s innocent mind. Arnold responded with stuffing a pillow in her face after she failed to get the hint the first time and the second time. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Also the way he threw the blanket over her to hide her from Oliver, all while freaking patting her head, I can’t! THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE!

I do find it  rather amusing how Arnold thinks touching her with gloves is the loop-hole in their agreement of “no contact”, especially since he tends to capitalize on it when he sees an opportunity to tease her. But in hindsight of that, it also becomes a sad thing when you think it may also be because he considers himself to be filthy, aka; hands stained in blood from all of those he had killed.

And we definitely saw a bit more of how he loathes himself today. Rishe has praised Arnold for having the most beautiful swordsmanship in the world, but in Arnold’s mind, it’s the opposite. After-all, what’s so beautiful about a skill that kills people? He can’t understand it. But at the same time, his reaction only highlights the humanity deep within him, of how he isn’t this cold-blooded monster who goes out to kill people for pleasure. He hates this part of himself, and yet he’s forced to take on that role as he’s constantly at the forefront of the battlefields, and for the time being, he needs to survive for the purpose to fulfill his goal.

It’s for that reason that the soldiers under his wing are given special training, focusing on learning how to keep cutting down their enemies even when they become immobile, such as losing an eye, an arm or leg. Their job is to keep fighting, taking down as many times as they can with them. It’s not so much of surviving at that point, it’s the point of clearing the path for the rest of their comrades. A sad situation, though makes sense if given the chances of surviving at that point has diminished greatly.

Thanks to that, Arnold made due with his promise with Rishe to spar with her under these conditions. Rishe had one arm bounded behind her, while Arnold had the whole set going, with an eye-patch to impair his vision, arm locked behind his back, and restraints on his leg to reduce mobility. Yet this guy barely had to move apart when Rishe faced him. Rishe is still nowhere near the fit condition she had been in when she last faced him off as a solider in her past life. As such it’s imperative for her to catch up to that, and for that reason she has taken upon herself to disguise herself as a boy and get back in form by joining the knights lessons elsewhere.

That said, I always I do find it rather interesting how Arnold can see in Rishe’s eyes that she is fighting someone far stronger than he is now. He has noticed this quite a few times now, and it’s perplexing to him considering she keeps on saying he is the best swordsman she knows. But man, the giggle that came out of my mouth when he said it almost made him jealous, that was so good.

Since Rishe lost on the bet she made with Arnold during their sparring, she’ll be joining him when he needs to go into town. While it sure sounds like a date, and will probably turn into one, I can hardly imagine that’s what he has in mind when he had suggested it. He doesn’t seem to be the type to really do that sort of thing, even if it’s to indulge Rishe, at least for the time being anyways. So there must be another reason for going, perhaps something to do with the letter he had received from the Kingdom of Coyolles that had put him in a foul mood until Rishe showed up.

And finally before I wrap up, quick note on Theodore. Now that the brothers have mended the tension between them, Arnold some official errands, particularly with improving the living conditions of the slums under Theodore’s leadership. This means they’ll be doing the official duties together, which makes Theodore very happy because that’s what he has always wanted. And as expected, neither Kamil or Elsie have been punished for their actions. Makes sense though, because what is there really to be punished for at this point when Rishe was unharmed, and this incident had been sorted out and resolved.


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  1. sailorarashi

    Having read ahead in the novels, I am really looking forward to the town visit 😀

    1. Eva

      Heehee~ I also can’t wait! <3

  2. zztop

    It’s been interesting to read the various theories as to what Arnold’s ultimate goal/motives for waging war are, considering how the novels still haven’t even explained anything yet as of the latest story arc.

    (It’s like Akatsuki no Yona all over again, where the mangaka kept dancing around the mystery of the past across so many volumes before finally answering it after so long.)

    1. Eva

      I think it probably will factor in whether Arnold’s plans end up starting earlier than scheduled because of Rishe’s intervention, or whether the author intends to carry out the story until it reaches that tipping point (aka a few years passing before shit hits the fan for real). I’m leaning towards the former given how Rishe’s presence is changing the way things are following at it is, so if anything something is bound to be triggered sooner than later unless Arnold is waiting for a specific event to happen. Rishe has been doing her life over and over and over again, but we don’t know yet if by any chance, the same applies to Arnold at all.

  3. Vance

    Arnold said in Episode 5 that he brought Rishe here to use her. Coupled with him saying in Episode 3 to Oliver he didn’t bring Rishe here to be his wife to improve the nation or benefit the imperial family shows that he has some ulterior motive for Rishe’s presence in Galkhein aside from being in love with her. I wonder just what he has planned for her.

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