Man, this arc sure is starting to feel like a slog. It makes me wonder why they decided to make this training arc into a “season” that only consists of 8 episodes when they could have waited longer to attach this part to a two cour season. It’s especially painful because I feel like they could have really expanded on certain parts in the manga that was rushed and took the time to really pace things out better. While I do think this episode was better than the previous episode, having an entire arc focusing on a training arc is really testing my patience with how much it feels like it’s dragging. I feel like Training arcs CAN work if written in an engaging way, however, this just doesn’t feel like it’s it.

I think the biggest issue I’m getting from this arc is how dirty they’re treating Sanemi, Obanai and Mitsuri since we got next to NOTHING on them while they expanded a little bit more on Tengen and Muichiro. Not to mention that as much as I love Tanjiro, there is an issue that I’m seeing with him is that he gets little to no character growth outside of getting physically stronger. To which, I think worked to an extent for him as a character, but I feel like it was just so obnoxiously glaring that this arc is purely focused on how he can get stronger physically. Which just isn’t as fulfilling as getting to see him grow as a person. I think another thing that is bugging me a little is how they keep pointing out how special Tanjiro is. At this point in time, I think I’m just tired of the trope of the protagonists being these super special “chosen ones” type of characters where they get access to more power purely because they are the protagonists. And while we already knew that Tanjiro was special, the fact that he often failed in comparison to the Hashiras made it seem like he still had a long road ahead of him and was never on their level. Especially since most of his big battles usually consisted of him needing help from others or being an assist rather than soloing, up until maybe Hantengu at the end. So all of the lesser characters commenting on how they can never keep up with the “special ones” just feels so obnoxious to me.

Zenitsu has also started grating on me a bit this episode. While we’ve always known him to be extremely loud and pessimistic, I was getting really tired of how negative he was towards the training. Which is why I appreciate both Tanjiro and Inosuke on how motivated they are to improve. Bless their souls.

I think my favorite part of the episode had to be when Tanjiro and Genya were interacting. While I didn’t feel that much for him in the previous season, Genya has actually been growing on me this season. Mostly because he has graduated from being another perpetually angry rival character. He’s actually really pleasant now especially in his relationship with Tanjiro. They make really cute friends now and it’s honestly heartwarming to see how much Tanjiro has broken down his walls with his kindness and support. It almost seems like we’re finally seeing the Genya we saw back in his flashback now. The two get along so well now and while it was a quick turnaround, I feel like Genya can see just how much Tanjiro supports him in his endeavors and appreciates it. Especially in regards to his brother. Genya even goes as far as to offer Tanjiro some much needed advice on how to move the boulder. They bounce off each other really well and I’m glad that Genya just overall seems happier instead of snapping at every little thing like he used to. Looks like Tanjiro finally achieved the buddy-buddy classmate relationship he wanted with him XD. Their crows’ relationship is also pretty hilarious by just how hostile they are towards each other.

We also get a small glimpse of Genya and Himejima’s relationship despite not actually seeing them interact on screen. Himejima seems to act as a fatherly figure towards Genya with how he scolded him and as he watched him and Tanjiro interact like a parent watching their kid finally make a friend. It’s as if he’s silently watching out for him. I do hope we can see them interact in the future to see the extent of their relationship. I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t get much from Himejima this episode despite this being his episode. Especially since the guy was front and center on the season poster. I hope we get to know the guy more because the guy just seems like a MONSTER while also being an overly empathetic person. Also anyone who likes cats is good in my book.

Other than that, I feel like there’s not that much to say about the episode besides Tanjiro continues to train and pushed a rock. Though I do admit whenever he quotes Rengoku’s “Set your heart ablaze” my immediate response is feeling the tears suddenly build behind my eyes. I swear they keep getting me with that, my heart can’t take it DX. I’m not sure if Tanjiro has any more training after Himejima, so I guess we’ll see if Giyu is part of the training line up. The clock is also ticking as it seems like Muzan is slowly closing in on them and it is making me a bit anxious. But man, there’s only so many build up episodes in a row I can take before getting impatient.


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  1. Archaon

    The problem of this arc is there only enough material for like 3 or 4 episodes and you can’t make a season with just 3 or 4 episodes. Then the next arc is the final arc and is extremely long, like almost 1/3 of the manga that you can’t really cut apart because the whole arc happen in like 1 day in-universe. As for Mui, Sanemi and Obanai, this arc is just laying the foundation for their main focus in the final arc.

    1. Shadow

      That’s why I wondered if it would have been better if they attached this to the arc leading into the final battle instead of having it as a stand alone season. Or maybe even expand a little more on the Hashira who we still don’t know well enough, kind of like what they did with Tengen and Muichiro. It didn’t need to be big character defining moments, but little moments that could have been used to get to know them a little better.

      1. kazanovakun

        Kimetsu no Yaiba started to show tendency to include flashbacks in the middle of battles starting the final arc. For once, I prefer if the anime actually make some changes by revealing some bits of their past earlier than waiting until the battle starts. There’s an anime adapting manga that I know did that, so it doesn’t disturb the flow of the battle.

        If it’s not possible with Iguro or Sanemi, I had expected that at least Kanroji will have a whole episode dedicated to her training like Tengen and Muichiro. We already knew some things about Kanroji, so I don’t see a problem to expand her training and show other sides of her without worrying about “spoiling” the story not yet told. I kinda hoping to see more Kanroji x Iguro moments in this arc.

        Speaking about final arc, I heard there’s a talk that the final arc would be a movie series or the sort. I hope it’s just a mere rumor because making a movie series for the final arc is too much.

  2. Vance

    If you don’t like the special chosen one status often seen in shounen series, I have some speculation that might really upset you.

    I believe based on the content of the Swordsmith Village arc that Tanjiro’s body or soul contains the essence of Yoriichi, the first Sun Breathing user, who defeated and traumatized Muzan.

    In the previous season, Tanjiro lost his amazing sense of smell that allowed him to see the opening thread and his high vitality (Tokito wondered how he became a demon slayer after reeling from 1 punch) after his near-death experience with Gyutaro, the Upper 6.

    After another near-death experience when he was fighting the Yoriichi Type Zero doll, Tanjiro pictured himself crossing a river or lake into the next life, but before he fully crossed it, he spotted a shiny blue rock that he dove to get. After acquiring the shiny blue rock, he regained his sense of smell and vitality.

    In this same arc, it also showed Tanjiro’s mark overlaying with Yoriichi’s perfectly, so I believe that shiny blue rock is the essence of Yoriichi, who didn’t reincarnate but became a special essence since he had unfunished business is eliminating Muzan, the source of demons, which he failed to do hundreds of years when Muzan escaped after being defeated by him.

    That would be why Tanjiro became physically stronger and regained his sense of smell after taking the blue stone, ’cause he is taking in the power/essence of the strongest demon slayer who ever existed.

    1. Shadow

      I honestly didn’t really have as much of an issue with Tanjiro’s “chosen” status until this season. In part because he did have to train himself hard to get to where he was (which is something I highly respect in a character) and the Hashira are still above him in abilities. It was mostly the commentary from the more normal demon slayers constantly shoving the fact he’s “so different and above them in skill” in my face that it started feeling obnoxious. After a while, it just gets really tiring to listen to.

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