It’s time to smuggle gold. While the journey to Lamtra was relatively smooth for most part (apart from a jump scare in the night), the way back was anything but that. First off was the terrible weather. The downpour muddying the road causing them (and the flock carrying the gold) to move slower than they’d like. And second, that had to be the day they were being pursued by the wolves. But the truth of the matter, with Holo dealing with the wolves, they were much bigger problems: being betrayed by the Remerio Trading Company.

Unfortunately Remerio knew that they wouldn’t have enough gold for themselves if they were to share any of it with Lawrence, so they decided they would kill him and his companions. Holo at the time was dealing with the wolves (particularly with one young one of her own giant kind), and Nora had gone ahead with the sheep and Liebert. This left Lawrence vulnerable when Remerio Trading Company’s men came only to beat him up, took his horse, and left him for dead. While they went through the trouble to tie him up, fortunately they forgot to put out the fire, because that’s what Lawrence ultimately used to break free from the ropes. Either way, talk about being stuck feeling absolutely powerless in such situation…

Holo was quite concerned and upset to find him as battered as he was. Thankfully she was able to deal with the wolves peacefully, by pleading them to just leave them alone. It worked out for everyone at least, since nobody would die as result of it. However the traitors, well as much as she wanted to chomp them in retaliation the only reason she didn’t was because Lawrence begged her not to. She wasn’t wasn’t keen on the idea on saving Nora, mainly because she was a shepherd, but thankfully thanks to Lawrence’s persuasion, she agreed, saving both Nora and Enek. Nevertheless, the Remerio Company made a big mistake to make a mess with Holo the Wise wolf’s dear companion, and they paid dearly for it. (Also I will say, it was a relief to see Holo’s Wolf Form looked A LOT better this time round. No more shiba inu faces!)

While Holo had come to their rescue, the most heartwarming part of the episode was that in the face of danger against such a massive wolf, Nora cherishes Enek so much that she physically grabbed him herself, choosing to put his life first over both her own and the flock. And that’s understandable, because Enek has done so much for her all this time. They either go down together, or survive together.

Fortunately thanks to that, Holo never had to worry about facing Enek, and was able to simply focus on taking out the men that had attempted to kill them in the first place. She just knocked them all out,  and Liebert was left to be the one to spit out the information they looked to get.

While Holo would’ve preferred to have taken them out them altogether, Lawrence was right about how if they weren’t careful with how they handled this, they’ll create new enemies and a ugly cycle of revenge that’ll just make life difficult. So instead, he sought to clear his debt, but turning the tables and have Remerio Trading Company’s debts be taken care of by the Rowen Merchant Association. This way it’s out of his hands, but he’ll still get paid. Better yet, Jacob generously paid him for it, as a form of goodwill in relief Lawarence had been able to claw himself out of an ugly situation.

Now Lawrence is starting again with a blank slate, but at least he won’t be alone. After-all it was thanks to Holo he was able to get out alive. It might be a while before she gets her promised honey-pickled peaches though. But surely it’ll be worth the wait.

Last but not least it was endearing and funny of Lawrence to troll Holo in such a way of calling out her name precisely when the morning bell rung.

Note: I cannot give an exact timeline when Condition Called Love Ep 10 & 11 entries will be out (otherwise I might just triple entry it at this point), but I’m hoping if I’m up to it, I can get it out sometime this week. Please be patient with me as I’m still dealing with a family emergency, it’s been very difficult and stressful.


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