Brave 10 Ep 5: Manliness of Unspoken Things Between Men

Isanami is rescued. What else did you expect? Date Masamune- he did nothing but reveal his plans this episode. Isanami goes through a crisis of conscience because people that protect her are getting hurt, and Sasuke fails to convince her to leave her self-created cage.

I was this excited for episode 5. *squirms* Heehee~


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Black★Rock Shooter Episode 1 [First Impression]:

Mato Kuroi is a cheerful young girl that decides to make friends with more reserved Takanashi, and the struggles of their friendship is reflected in an alternate world where a girl in black, with a blue eyes, dwells.

If you were disappointed by the Black Rock Shooter OVA, you sure as hell won’t be disappointed with this first episode of the Black★Rock Shooter anime.


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Brave 10 Ep 4: Bittersweet Return

Isanami and company arrive back at Izumo. They investigate the ruins, and despite Isanami’s best efforts to stay strong, she cracks and Saizou has to comfort her in his own gruff way. They discover a hidden passageway in the shrine, where Hanzo and Snake Lady ambush them.

Kakei almost has his virtue taken away (;D), and they’re all saved by Yuri’s masochistic tendencies.

Post-fight eye-candy. Rawr~


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Brave 10 Ep 3: What’s for Dinner, Ms. Kidnapper?

Saizou was able to prevent Ieyasu from taking Isanami, and Yukimura assigns Isanami and Saizo another team member on their trip to investigate Izumo. Isanami is tied to a tree in this episode, and Saizou saves her (again). No activation of killer hairpiece, a new antagonist begs for death, and a big fight in the future is alluded to.

Kidnapped again…what’s for dinner?



Brave 10 Ep 2: There’s A Snake in My Forest

Isanami and Saizo continue their journey while the threat of assassins hangs over their heads. Saizo runs into Ana, a childhood friend, while she’s bathing, and they all go to the festival where Isanami has been invited to dance as the shrine maiden. Oh, and there’s a giant snake in the forest that almost kills our main characters.

Saizo: We are totally just friends, and I was totally not peeping.


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