Log Horizon S2 Episode 5

It’s Christmas Eve, and there have been more murders occurring throughout Akihabara. The Round Table have a meeting, and the only information they have on this person is that his name is Embert Nelreth, a level 94 samurai. So one knows what he wants or where he is. Many groups from guilds have gone after this murderer, but whenever they encounter him, he easily wipes them all out. There’s talk of evacuation, but the better solution would be evacuating the lower level adventurers. We see later with Nyanta telling Tohya and Minori people level 50 and under are to go to Zantleaf to defeat goblins. The main problem so far is that the Royal Guard aren’t appearing. When Elder Tale was a game, the Royal Guard were the ones that would appear when fighting would take place in safe areas, such as Akihabara. But so far, none of them have appeared and everyone’s wondering what’s wrong.

And because one of the people murdered was a girl in Souji’s guild, we see another side to this guy. Souji always has a smile on his face, surrounded by girls, and he’s just plain sweet. But since someone in his guild was hurt, he has this menacing look and he doesn’t go back to his usual self until Shiroe calls him. Souji had sent groups from his guild to find the murderer, and when he receives word from his girls (because everyone in his guild are girls except that one gay guy), he goes back to being Scary Sou.

Grrr kill his ass grrr
*beep* Oh, Shiroe’s calling!

How cute…and kinda hot.

Kinjou from the Kunie Clan makes another appearance, but this time he speaks privately with Princess Lenessia. He doesn’t know who exactly the murderer is, but he knows that he’s one of The People of the Land, more specifically one of the Royal Guards from the Kunie Clan. Kinjou explains that one of the “moveable armor” that the Royal Guard possess has gone missing. All from the Royal Guard have this special armor, and like mentioned before they are the ones that mediate between adventurers when they’re fighting in a no-combat zone. They wear these moveable armors that are fueled by external magic to raise their physical abilities so that they can become stronger than any adventurer. Their armor has to receive this magic from a magic circle under the city. So whenever you’re wearing that inside the city, you have unimaginable power. And the murderer is using this armor to be able to kill the adventurers. The Kunie Clan could be able to shut off the magic supply so the armor would be completely useless, but that would also mean lessening the security of the cities and monsters rampaging into them. And it’s not like a lightswitch this works, like the Princess thought. If they shut off the magic supply, it could possibly take decades for the magic to return. So, this is a huge problem. It’s the Kunie Clan’s fault this has happened, and Princess Lenessia doesn’t know what to do with the info she has gotten because if she were to tell the Round Table, it could possibly start an unwanted and unnecessary conflict with the clan, and Shiroe never wanted to start a war with them in the first place.

lh5.30Akatsuki had been searching night and day throughout the city for this murderer, and she had eavesdropped on the conversation between Kinjou and Lenessia, so she knows this secret too. She tries her best to comfort the princess in distress, and she had brought red bean buns for them to share, since Lenessia had been curious about them before. And they speak with each other. Akatsuki notes how Princess Lenessia has had to burden so much conflict, but she admires her so much. So she sets off to do her job like Shiroe told her to, protect Princess Lenessia. Take out the murderer and protect the princess’ secret.

It’s funny with these two. Akatsuki admires Lenessia, and Lenessia admires Akatsuki and the adventurers, but both girls don’t think much of themselves. Plus, these two, even though they would be together everyday, wouldn’t share much of a conversation. This time, they both know very important information that they’re going to keep to themselves, so I guess that gives them something in common and could possibly bring them closer.

Souji regroups with his guild members, and for awhile he had been facing the murderer one on one. It was pretty cool watching Scary Souji fight for once. He’s stronger than them all, but even he wasn’t able to do anything against him. While searching, Akatsuki comes across this clash and helps Souji out, while the guild members retreat. The two of them together still wasn’t enough to do anything. But before they were about to knocked out, Souji tries to give Akatsuki some advice about that Teachings, but he wasn’t able to explain so well, and he was killed. It wasn’t long after that Akatsuki was killed also. We also see back with the raid, the group had been facing off against probably a raid boss, and we see in the preview that Shiroe, for the first time, had been killed as well. I know I mentioned this before but all this happened on Christmas Eve, by the way. Not a great way to celebrate the holidays.

Even this giant adorable snowman can’t save you now.

In the preview we see Shiroe and Akatsuki together, which is actually the scene from episode 1 where I was freaking out, but it’s only the land they arrive in after they die before resurrecting. I’m eager to see how these two are going to interact, finally having a serious moment together, and hopefully whatever Shiroe says to Akatsuki can finally put her mind at ease.


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