Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Episode 4

 So, from last episode, which had a huge amount of all out action, we have now an episode that’s much more drawn back, focusing on character interaction.  This is a good thing, as too much action and spectacle and we’d just get numb to it after a point. And while it was much less exciting overall, it was still a good episode, with bits of character interaction which elevates the more boring parts to it.


Not sure why this was a bath scene….but at least it shows brutality has been successfully passed to Illya. 

First, I still like Shirou. His character, while not very dynamic remains good. I especially like his interactions with Saber this episode. He listens to her when she explains things, and has absolute faith and trust in her, even though they’ve only just met.


This is a nice justification for why they call out their attacks, but you gotta wonder why the makers of the Grail war didn’t fix such a basic flaw there… 


Seriously, she says stuff like “I can’t tell you my name”, explains it..and he perfectly understands, letting her make her own decisions.  He recognizes his weaknesses, and is trusting Saber’s own judgment.  Its almost as if he isn’t just using her as a tool for his own purposes or something.


What, the viewers already know my identity because its been over ten years since this story was first told? Well…..fuck.


He has also shown he’s got a lot more going on in his head. The fire 10 years ago still seems to haunt him in some way, and its clear there is something off with him even his school mates can recognize. Still, least he looks good.


You know you’re a shonen protagonist when: you’re a teenager but look like a male model. 

Most of the rest of the episode is his interactions with people at school, who are getting a surprising amount of screen time. I’m still unsure as to why, since they have so little bearing on the main plot, but who knows.  Mostly its just people reacting to Saber now being in his life with the typical “magical girlfriend explanation” for why she’s staying with him. My favorite part was Taiga’s reaction.



The other half of the episode was Rin and Archer-Rescue Rangers!!!


“Well Archer, looks like the culprit didn’t read the sign: no smoking.” YEAHHHHHHHHHH!! *music plays*

Rin holds up the action for this episode near the end, where she shows her epic dark magic to blow up some skeleton monster things. And it. is. awesome.


She drops the magic, motherf***er!

They discover the culprit’s secret base, and are planning their next move, but one thing is still up in the air…just how tsundere for Shirou is Rin?


Its quite clear that, no matter what she says, she doesn’t want to kill Shirou, and for reasons other than what she gives. However, what will happen as it becomes more obvious to Rin she needs to take Shirou down? Who knows, so for now I’ll leave you all with creepy bathing Illya.



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