Although I never covered Yumeiro Patissiere’s first season here, I have been keep track of it and writing about it in my journal at LJ. So because it was one of the series I have been keeping track of for such a long time, and its first season have finally come to an end, I decided to share my post here, and give you guys a quick idea of how I typically would blog. I do plan to add more stuff (such as more screencaps) into my future entries, so please look forward to it.


This was certainly an exciting episode. I’m pleased how they finished it off overall, so I can’t wait for season 2 to start next week.
There were a few things that were just made me go, “WTF?!”, but whatever. I won’t let it bug me.
Final Impression:

Overall this series had its ups and downs, but it’s certainly recommended for people who love inspirational, typical shoujo girls, and of course sweets. One of its major highlights is Amano’s character development. They didn’t make her perfect in the end, they stuck to who she was in person and had her overcome the challenge on her own. So I’m looking forward to how much she matured and improved during her studies aboard.
While I’m talking about characters, as some of you may have known, I never liked Henri’s character – and for a fact, I never will. I don’t care if he ended up just playing as the jerk to help push Ichigo into creating something outstanding, he just pisses me off every time I see him. *FACEPALM*
Kashino, I have to say out of the three guys (I won’t bother calling them princes of sweets) he had by far the most intense and dramatic development. He definitely made this show alot bearable (if you will) to watch. Sadly, I have to confess; other than the sight of delicious sweets and pastry, he was one of my sole reasons of actually putting up with some episodes that made me want to walk away from it.
I find it funny how Andou and Hanabusa really were not in the center of attention as much as Kashino and Ichigo were. They may have been in someone else’s view, but certainly not mine. I found they were very not in the spotlight at all, or perhaps their time when they got to shine had been so early on (around episode 3 – 11 on average) they really didn’t have to play a big part in the story and Ichigo’s character development. It’s not that I don’t like them. In fact they are both wonderful characters – and very likeable too. And that’s the charm about Yumerio Patissiere, most of the characters are enjoyable to watch! (Unfortunately for my bias against Henri-sensei, made me not like him at all.)
When it came to romance, to be honest there really weren’t any. Yes, there were feelings growing for each other but there was no confession that suddenly happened. So if this series catches your interest due to “Romance” being included in its genres, please don’t expect too much.
Yumerio Patissiere is educational and inspiring for those who never really had interest in cooking in general. By watching this I found myself wanting to be in the kitchen more, experimenting with the ingredients while making meals. This is a great way to encourage a young audience to get onto their feet and do something productive, and make something tasty!
Finally, I wanted to mention that I have dropped this series three times, then picking it up again the fourth time and stuck to it. The reason this happened was the up until episode 30, the episodes were extremely boring and painful for me to watch. From episode 30 till now, it created a much stronger plot, intensity, cliffhangers, and most of all more significant character development. So I managed to actually enjoy this series so much that I craved for it every week.
Another thing I got out of this is the inspiration to try and bake some sweets myself, and check out if I might be interested in entering a Pastry Chef career.


Some people may or may have no noticed the part where we see Kashino and Amano holding hands, that Amano’s hair is longer. In this case this is supposed to indicate that a year has passed already, and we’re back to Japan (as the preview had indicated). Personally, I find that quite disappointing, but then again – without being able to jump a year or whatever it has been, Amano wouldn’t have been able to grow up like how she did now. So it was a smart move on the Production team’s part.

Preview of Season 2: Airing Next Week
And this is all I’m going to give you.


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