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That just about says it all

This episodes is a filler to promote the 4th Bleach movie. There is no story to summarize



In the beginning I thought it was not too bad, then the intro finished and I wanted to kill myself. There is no story, the characters don’t represent their original personality. It is supposed to be funny and entertaining. It’s lame. Reaaallly lame.


Nothing more to add


What I liked about this episode:

  • The ending song, nothing different there, but atleast it meant the show was ending.




If you haven’t watched it yet…don’t. Sorry for the short blog for this one, but…no, just no.




Kill me someone if this is to be a filler season

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  1. Eva

    XD I found the Promo OP/ED promising that the film is going to be epic. I’m definitely looking forward to it. The episode was crack, and of course they are promoting this film because it’s Bleach 10th Anniversary (although it already passed, still part of it). ^_^

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