Luffy is the only one who got past the encircling walls, and he is now facing the three admirals. He uses distraction in order to get past them using his Gear Second, however he is stopped again by admiral Kizaru’s light kick. Sengoku then sends out the order to execute Ace (Finally…Not that I don’t want him to live, but I mean, they said they were going to execute him immediately 2 episodes ago… It’s about time), and As Ace’s head is about to fall, the executors are killed by Crocodile, who comes in at the last moment (Dude, that was an intense moment right there. I know what’s going to happen and even I freaked out.)
…WAIT A MINUTE. Crocodile helping out? Did I miss something?
Oh, I get it. Well, kind of. Anyways, back to the summary.
After an attempt (and failure) to kill Crocodile, the scene flips back to Luffy, who overcomes his surprise and gets up again. He continues running towards Ace, and with the help of Marco he is able to avoid death by Admiral Aokiji. Meanwhile, inside the encircling walls, pirates are desperately advancing, in high hopes that they can reach Oz and get out of the encircling walls. From underwater then appears, to the surprise of everyone, another of Whitebeard’s ships, coated and in perfect condition! The pirates get on board and advance full speed towards Oz and the small entrance available, and the Oz pulls the ship out of the water and everyone is now past the encircling walls. Oz is then shot, and collapses for the third time. Whitebeard then gets off the ship and into the plaza, giving the marines a nice beating, and as Luffy is shown running (again) towards Ace the episode ends.

Will Luffy's determination be enough to overcome his fatigue?

Impression: We can definitely feel the action starting! As everyone is now into the plaza and very close to Ace, it won’t take too long before he gets rescued IF he gets rescued (I know the answer to that already, but I’d rather not tell for those people who don’t know it yet). Of course, the fact that Whitebeard has joined also makes it all the more interesting, and we can also definitely feel that Luffy’s exhaustion meter is going incredibly high. The cliffhanger is great as usual, and the action is only going to get more intense in this war that has been going on for a long time!(Don’t worry, there’s still a long way to go! Take that as sarcastic or not, I don’t really know if it is myself XD) I only have two bad things to say about this episode:
1) As much as this is a war and all the other characters matter as well, I find that they put way too much detail into some characters that we will never see again. Whitebeard’s allies and commanders are part of this, as they are extremely detailed, and yet we have never met them before and will most likely never meet them after this war. The scene involving Mr. 3 was also a useless scene and only wasted some precious time in the episode.
2) As this exists in every single episode and not just this one, I have to say that the 5 minute-long introduction at the beginnning of every episode takes up a lot of time on the show, and it is absolutely useless. To have the exact same introduction at the beginning becomes very annoying (thank god I can skip it at least -_-‘), and the summary is also way too long, they could shorten it much more and it would have the same effect.