Laughing it off is the best way to solve the problem! :D

The story starts with a 4th Grader named Sakura who accidently releases the Clow Cards and is told to go and capture them all to prevent the world from ending in a catastrophe. The beast who guards the cards named Kerberos tells her she must have some magic in her so that she was able to indirectly unlock book in the first place. Kerberos creates a contract causing her to become a cardcaptor without getting her permission. The two of them head out for their first mission to capture the card FLY.
5th First Impression:
Let it be, the third, fourth or even fifth time I watch this show (I lost count). So it is kind of difficult to not know what’s going to happen. So please bare with me for the first few impressions, they won’t go smoothly as I like it to.
Right off the bat, we know that Sakura isn’t our typical magical girl. She doesn’t freak out when all the cards went  flying everywhere, she doesn’t scream when she is greeted by Keroberos. She also calmly explained what happened to the cards when they went missing. Even in her first mission she was pretty calm and barely wasted any time complaining how she ‘couldn’t’ do it. Unlike most magical shoujo girls, she immediately did the job.

This episode was mainly focusing on the introduction to the plot and the characters, so there’s really~ nothing to talk about. When things start getting exciting, I should start making my impressions longer because this is just way too short. I will regularly post CCS every Wednesday until further notice.


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