Yes a Dragon can eat that much ice-cream!

Continuing where it left off last episode, Rose and the others are picked up by a society Eriko called in, who takes her to the labatory where they do an inspection. While doing so, Ryuji learns how Dragons are born and suddenly remembers back in his childhood encounter with a Dragon egg, which he had always thought was a dream. In the mean time, a Black Dragon (part of the society known as Fang) makes his way to ‘rescue’ Rose, who is apparently his fiancee. He literally blows his way into the building and successfully retrieves Rose after she willingly decided to go with him in order to prevent Ryuji from being harmed any further.
This was fairly an interesting episode. We were able to see how much power a Dragon potientially has when they are grown up.  The animation quality was really rich today. That’s the best I could describe it. Everything is almost glossy, smooth, almost as if it’s a perfect picture taken.
So it seems that this organization, Fang has done quite a bit of crimes. Involving robbery, violence, and probably some other things that aren’t completely out of the question. Considering they have one of Eriko’s Lost Precious in possession, I’m also curious about how she will attempt to get it back now that she knows of it. Now, as for Ryuji – that kid is an idiot for thinking he can brush off him parent’s complex with “I’m not lonely“, when it’s clearly the case. I mean seriously, even Rose freaking realized it. His parents could not give a damn about him, all they care about is Lost Precious and Dragons. It made me sick about how his parents treats him, considering how they never bothered to call him after all this time and their first question is involves the word, “Dragon”, and then just hangs on him without even asking how was he, how’s life and so on. I don’t blame him for being upset, I don’t blame him for being angry, I don’t blame him one little bit. Eriko, honestly shouldn’t have even called, it wasn’t going to make him feel any better – she probably should have known better.
Before I finish off talking about this guy, I found it relatively interesting how in the end, he really did meet Rose several years ago by a chance encounter of witnessing her hatch from a Dragon’s egg. Another thing we learned about him is that apparently he’s a Level 10 Breaker (whatever the hell that is, I wish they would demonstrate that already – Eriko’s fight doesn’t count), so considering so, he should be able to put up a decent fight when it comes to retrieving Rose.
While I am enjoying how things are progressing so far I’m not so sure if this will be something I will be motivated to continue blogging so I will give it one more episode before making my decision. I’m not sure whether if it’s just me tired with a terrible headache, or it’s just lacking motivation altogether. This tends to happen when I start covering more than five series, especially if I am not a hard core fan of some of the shows.


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  1. Myst

    1) I’m in love with Onyx already. He’s got the looks, the evilness (I love evil-type characters) and HE’S GOT WINGS! 😀
    2) This show sucks real bad at explaining stuff. What’s a lost precious? WTF is its purpose in life? What’s this “society” that seems to be controlling? WHAT’S FANG? AND WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT DRAGONS? Oh, and what’s a breaker? Seriously, this show just confuses me. Completely. Anyways…

    1. Eva

      //2) This show sucks real bad at explaining stuff. //
      Yeah that’s one of the things I don’t like, we weren’t explained what the hell LOST PRECIOUS are. They consider Dragons S-Class value of LOST PRECIOUS (if I remember right, i could be wrong), so like yeah.

  2. SilentSerenata

    Have yet to watch this myself, if it turns out good, it’s on the list to blog 🙂

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