>_> ... That grin on that kid's face can't be a good thing.

Yusei wakes up finding himself saved by two siblings, Rua and Ruka who found him unconscious the night before. He learns that he was in the TOPS where the twins live alone without their parents due to work travels, and Rua is a huge fan of Jack and dreams to be king himself one day. Rua asks Yusei to duel with him, only be turned down – after begging him Yusei finally agreed after thinking how Rua was very much like Rally. They duel, much to Yusei’s dismay – Rua is a very talkative duelist who will go on and on and on about how awesome his monsters and strategies are. Yusei ends the duel on his second turn and tells Rua that in order to become King, he needs to stop acting smudged and start thinking about how to counter attack. Once more Yusei tries to leave not wanting to drag the kids into trouble, but Ruka this time encourages him to stay a bit longer.
After midnight when the children are asleep, Yusei finished working on their oversized duel-disks and finally departs – only to have Ushino show up ready to chase him. Unfortunately for Ushino, he was forced to leave Yusei alone after the Head of Special Investigations came by to deliver an invitation to Yusei along with a blackmail involving his friends from Satellite.


Yusei being taken in by two kids who are under the age of twelve amuses me so much. One because their parents actually are so irresponsible to not even leave a nanny to take care of them and the fact they got this oversized home is really unnecessary. Yusei’s additude towards the kids – especially Rua was hilarious. He really didn’t want to get them involved or close to him, but because he’s a kind person, he put up with them.
Rua, good lord – he’s one noisy kid who really needs to learn how and when to shut up. He’s also a crybaby who freaks out early on in the duel and doesn’t exactly think thing through. His twin sister on the other hand, Ruka is very calm and mature. Apparently she can communicate with the spirits of the cards since she can sense their feelings. That was also the reason why they decided to bring Yusei inside despite he was a stranger. We learned that she is a pretty decent duelist (far better than her brother probably) since she has been invited to the Fortune Cup, which she plans not to attend while on the other hand Rua eagerly wants to take her place by disguising himself as her.
Now, the blackmail invitation – clearly this Fortune Cup isn’t just any competition. There’s a ulterior motive behind this, and it involves Godwin – which is never a good thing.
Preview: A witch appears, and apparently she deals real damage that isn’t solid vision.


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