Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 21: It takes a Risk for a chance

Yusei manages to turn the match around by relying on a risky gamble. After Bomber’s defeat he had publicly released footage of what happened to his village. Emotionally riled up, he declares he wants vengeance against Godwin and drives off the track and soars into the air in hope to crash into Godwin’s building. Instead Yusei intervines and prevents him form doing so. Bomber’s sharpy-dagger-thingy snaps off and was sent flying into the window where suddenly Godwin catches it barehanded only to reveal his arm is actually a prosthetic.


Smokes this battle 95% of this practically one sided with Bomber just destroying every monster Yusei placed on the field. The next 5% was  funny to watch considering Yusei taking  gamble and we all already know that he’s going to hit the jackpot. I felt so bad for Speed Warrior, this entire fight he was nothing more than a scapegoat! D: Junk Warrior was on the other hand was awesome, I love that synchro monster, and having Arms Aid attached which makes him – so badass looking! I mean obviously not as awesome as Stardust, but I still love it! <3 Speaking of Stardust once more I was happy to see that Yusei did not use the majestic dragon.

Overall,  that was quite a twist – or maybe not since this is Godwin we’re talking about, and considering that he has said in past ( episode 8 ) it’s not surprising that he’d be involved in something like that. Bomber’s village was completely wiped out. And on the side note, seriously how did Yusei not get wiped out after clashing into Bomber’s D-Wheel –I mean seriously, he should have been sent flying!!!! – Oh wait, the laws of physics doesn’t apply in YGO world.

Preview: Looks like we will be getting some back-story about Aki and her powers – and dealing with another crazy opponent.


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