Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 5: On his way to redeemance! (Finally…)

Kazehaya… Can… Do this! …Possibly? Maybe? Well, it doesn’t change the fact that Miura Kent beat him to it, that’s for sure… Too bad Sawako didn’t go for him instead of the other wimpy guy… -_-‘
Now on to my summary. To start of the episode, the midterms are done and everyone passed! YAAAAAAAAY! That’s right you bitches, you can thank the scary but adorable little girl for that!

Now, to move on to a more clichéd use of school life in shoujos, it is now time for the school festival! The theme, however, is much more different and original YAY, NO HAUNTED HOUSES!, because it’s time for Sawako’s Black Magic Cafe. We don’t get to see it yet though, because it’s in a long time and there are more important things that need to happen in this episode Like kicking Kazehaya’s butt before I go into his house and stab him out of rage.
Anyways, Sawako is outside with friends, talking about her medicinal herbs, when Kazehaya passes by and one of Sawako’s friends calls out to him. Now, of course Kazehaya has been pathetic these last few episodes, however me being myself at least I hope so, if I’m not me there’s something wrong here, I give him another chance and I forgive his latest wimpy moments for a split second he might not be that pathetic this time. Nope. I got all my hopes up for nothing, because he simply passes by, ignores Sawako and her friends and fails at life AAAAAAHHHH SOMEONE LET ME GO THROUGH THE SCREEN AND KILL THAT GUY PLEAAAAASE!!!!!!.

*nodsnods* Don't worry Ayane, I made the exact same face as you when I saw that.

Anyways, we are then reminded of Tohru’s wedding They want us to forget that horrible scene from before, I’m sure of it!, and we witness a pretty PRETTEEEEEHHHHH (Yes, I’m a tad hyper) scene involving Chizu, Ayane and girly stuff. After the wedding, Chizu jacks goes to rape talk to Ryuu about rape Kazehaya and she wants Ryuu to tell him that he understands Sawako (She still feels guilty about what she said last time and feels endangered because if Ayane finds out it’s death for her). Ryuu refuses Chizu’s request, however he wants to know what’s wrong and plans to ask Kazehaya anyways.
This looks like a rape scene to me... Just sayin'.

Upon him saying this, so he does the next day, and Kazehaya pulls out a wimpy but reasonable speech about his thoughts he might piss me off but his reasoning is a tad logical… Kinda…?. Pin then shows up, spits out a paragraph of awesomeness, which makes Kazehaya act and finally move because he doesn’t want to lose Sawako to Kent OMFG I LOVE YOU PIN!!!!!.
Back to where Sawako is, she is talking to Miura Kent, who states that he’s happy that she’s finally fitting in, and that she doesn’t need Kazehaya anymore! Then follows a conversation about Kazehaya and how much more lame than Kent he is Sawako likes him, and in the end Kent tells Sawako that Kazehaya likes someone and tells her to move on, which causes Sawako to start bawling her eyes out Awww, poor her 🙁. Kent tries to comfort her, kinda fails, and afterwards decides to confess to her *gasp*. It is about then that Kazehaya shows up *double gasp*.
Woaaah, that’s some pretty sweet cliffhanger right there. Miura has some guts, that’s for sure! Which is exactly what I love about him.
First off, I have to mention that I still prefer Miura over Kazehaya, considering he’s optimistic, he has guts, he’s a nice guy, he has guts, and he basically has the same personality that Kuronuma likes about Kazehaya, but better. Moreover, the last few episodes kinda made me rage 20 times over about this other wimp that ignores the girl he likes for stupid reasons. But rather than bitchtalk someone who’ll end up being Sawako’s lover anyways, I’ll just move on, because Kazehaya actually redeemed himself this episode and deserves more respect. He has finally decided to act, now maybe this story can get somewhere! Also, as much as I don’t like him, it looks as though Sawako is incredibly serious and reaaaaaaaaaaaally likes him Like, REALLY. Really really, and so it’s better to put up with him for the better of our cute little girl :).
Well, I can’t really avoid this one, but Miura’s confession at the end was pretty good. I mean, the only bad thing about him is that he’s a complete ignorant fool who doesn’t know that Sawako and Kazehaya both like each other. This time, he actually made Sawako cry accidentally, however I liked how he pulled back up this one, the confession was completely unexpected but awfully cute! For some reason even if he made Sawako cry this episode I still can’t hate him… I just can’t.  As Kazehaya shows up, who knows what will happen?! *gasp* I DO! 😀.
Anyways, moving on. Part of this episode was dedicated to Chizu, and I have to mention that she was so incredibly pretty for the wedding. Seriously, I didn’t think Chizu could look that much like a girl, I loved her outfit and her makeup! Ok, I’m not that much of a makeup person, but whatever… She was still pretteh :). As for our secondary male characters, I loved Pin’s speech to Kazehaya, this guy is just so unconsciously awesome it’s amazing. As for Ryuu, of course I could talk about his awesomeness and fangirl over him like crazy but I don’t think you want to read me rant about how beautiful and awesome he is for an hour After all you have a life and so do I.
Overall, great episode! There was main plot, there was a side story, and there was an intense cliffhanger! I was waiting for an episode of this kind, actually… I liked it! Kazehaya, don’t fall back now! You’re on your way to redeemance, you can do this!

3 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 5: On his way to redeemance! (Finally…)

  1. You’re right, I loved how this episode seemed to be in constant motion! Even when the story “sidetracked” to Chizu’s, it still transitioned flawlessly to that aggravating cliffhanger. I haven’t read the manga past the first volume, so that scene Chizu had with Ryuu totally caught me off guard! Call me an airhead if you want, but her asking Ryuu about Kazehaya was just about the last thing on my mind. (And I probably wasn’t the only one expecting something more.) Though I’m actually pretty glad that nothing happened between Ryuu and Chizu. I want them to take things a little slower than Sawako and Kazehaya.
    Although, I’ll have to disagree with your Kent-is-a-better-version-of-Kazehaya statement. For me, the characters are too different to actually pin against each other. All they really have in common is charisma and a strange attraction to Sawako. And even then, their charisma and attraction are on different levels. Kent is scheming (presumably with good intent) and Kazehaya is honest (but pretty damn slow when it comes to the girl he likes). I’m not going to say Kazehaya is better, but I do prefer him over Kent.
    Also, redemption. No worries, though!

  2. Well, of course we all have our different opinions about characters we like and don’t like. It just so happens that, as Kazehaya started pissing me off, another guy appeared and seemed much better than him, and whenever I hear Sawako talk about what she loves about Kazehaya (sociable, nice, talks to everyone even if they’re an outcast and helps them fit in, etc.), I think “Well, Kent’s like that, but better”. Then again, my thoughts may be totally biased, but whatever, everyone has their own different opinion. It’s obvious anyways that Sawako is going to belong to Kazehaya in the end!
    Thank you for commenting on this, by the way, I never know what other people think about the episodes I blog about, and it’s annoying :P.
    As for Ryuu and Chizuru, of course this was intended for us to think the wrong thing. It’s too bad Chizu doesn’t realize that she likes him, they look so amazing together! I’d also really like Ayane to get closer to Pin, which I’m pretty sure is the guy that she’ll end up with. The side stories are as amazing as the main storyline, I like this show a lot :).

    1. No problem at all! It’s really nice for me to see another person’s perspective on the show as well. I do like Kent, though! He’s fun and Kazehaya’s finally forced to step his game up because of him. I personally think he’ll mesh better with Kurumi than Sawako, though. Kurumi definitely needs that extra pinch of Charisma Kent has (and Kazehaya lacks). Then again, that may just be my “Pair the Spares” fetish talking. Haha!
      Keep writing! I’d like to discuss future episodes as well. 😉

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