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Okay, where to start…

Crow tells a folklore tale behind the Daedelus Bridge to the kids. It starts with a man who appeared in Satellite on a D-Wheel that no one had ever seen before. Day after day the man would look out afar at the city, then one day he stopped and decided to start building a bridge. He was called a fool but soon after doing the same things day after day with no vision for tomorrow the people joined him in his project and the bridge became their hope and tomorrow. Then the people from the city forced the construction to be stopped and the man became wanted by the security. Everyone gave up thinking it was hopeless the project would not be continued if the man were to be caught. One day the man was in a pinch, cornered by the security. He had two options, be stuck in prison for the rest of his life, or become a legend while he was alive. So he drove onto the bridge and flew into the blinding light of the sun. From that moment on, he became a legend, and D-Wheels symbolized freedom. No one knows what happened to him afterwards.

The story has a large impact on how the people of Satellite view the Security and the people in the city. It also tells you how big it would be to own a D-Wheel. The only two people in Satellite that we have seen owning D-Wheels are Yusei and Crow (Jack technically doesn’t count since he stole the D-Wheel and got his own in the city).

Then we got a lot of background information about how Satellite was destroyed and more about Yusei himself. Turns out that Yusei was actually born in the city, and to that in TOPS which means he isn’t originally from Satellite.. His parents were researches in Kaiba’s Corp. Development Section, for the  M.I.D.S (Momentum Investigation Development Section) and were the lead developers and the ones who build the foundation for the current Momentum technology. Then tragedy struck known as Zero Reverse. The truth of what cause the disaster was never released to the public, instead history recorded it as a Natural Disaster. This is how Satellite was detached from the land and now remains in ruins. The cause was that the Momentum went out of control. As result Yusei’s parents were killed and newborn Yusei was taken to an orphanage. How did he survived? We haven’t been told yet. Anyhow this does explain how come he is such a genius when it comes to technology and incredibly wise. He definitely shares his parent’s genes. Also this revealed his age for the first time since back when he was taken into custody his identity information was unknown. Considering that Yusei was a newborn back then, and Jack said it was seventeen years ago, I think it’s safe to say Yusei’s is eighteen or even possibly nineteen if he were to be two years old when that happened.

Lastly we were introduced an old friend of Yusei and Crow named Kiryu who is one of the Dark Signers. He holds a terrible grudge against Yusei and wants revenge. If that isn’t enough, he’s insane. No, I mean like, really insane.
Overall you really have to pay attention to what’s going on. If you don’t you will lose track of what is happening and which story is being told. The whole event of the Zero Reverse is very interesting and the fact that they hid the truth to the public is huge.  One of the things, whichI didn’t mention in the above was how Yusei reacted when Saiga joked how maybe the birthmark on his arm is carrying the legendary man’s wishes. I was rather surprised considering that Yusei doesn’t feel like he can do it.
Anyhow by the look of the preview, we are getting even more back story, this time involving Kiryu.
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