A New Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica to be made?

Since we didn’t get any Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica on Friday, after running into this article I decided I’ll just make this a small entry on this.
Akiyuki Shinbo want to do new Madoka Magica

Well this is an interesting announcement. At first it startled me, causing me to freak out thinking “WAIT WHAT? THEY WANT TO REDO IT?!”, so I’m thrilled to hear they want to put together a sequel – well more of a spinoff with an alternative, “ordinary slice-of-life story with the characters instead”. That sounds like, no magic, no super powers, no contracts, and scratching out “Mahou Shoujo” out of the title – oh and of course, no Walpurgis Night.
According to the article it seems to interviewer gave them an idea that they should maybe try making it more “heartwarming” considering how dark and cold the current season is. So it got me thinking – ignoring the interviewer’s suggestion (which I also agree would be interesting to see) would it still have the dark angst that the characters had to face in this series? What would replace their current dilemmas that involves them making a contract with Kyubey? Speaking of that bastard, will he be part of this alternative story? Will the girls instead, rather than forming a contract and doing magical girls stuff (after all he wants to make it more ordinary – yet again Kyubey isn’t quite normal…>_>;) try and teach him what human emotions are? Who knows, I’m still expecting angst one way or another. Besides that, I find imaging this show with humor very difficult, so I’m looking forward to what they plan to do if they really do follow through with their plan.
So what do you think of the idea of having an “ordinary slice-of-life story with the characters instead”?


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0 thoughts on “A New Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica to be made?

  1. It could be ok. I’d give it a go, but it could also ruin the “magic” (no pun intended) of the series as it is. The darkness of “Madoka” is what makes it good. I guess we have to wait and see.

    1. That’s why I kind of hope they’ll keep the dark mood to it. It would be pretty thrilling to watch! 8D Moreover because we’d know for sure, Kyubey (unless he magically became human or something) probably wouldn’t be the fault for it. XD

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