Fractale Episode 8: "Nah this show can't be creepy!" – Are you sure about that?!


After being captured by the people who work for the temple, Phyrne and Clain are seperated where he is under guard and apparently was tended by the girl who looks exactly like Nessa, he seen when he witnessed the Fractale’s system true colors. He learns that she doesn’t understand about most of the things he asks and feels no emotion whatsoever and also identified herself as Phyrne. She decides to help him the Phyrne he’s looking for, but in the process of her own misunderstanding she reveals to him several of clones of herself telling him they are all called Phyrne. Horrified and overwhelmed Clain doesn’t know how to react and steps outside of the room to collect his thoughts. When he stumbles and Special -Clone-Nessa goes to catch him, she gets scratched in the process where as he comments it is probably a good thing since now he can identify her. Surprised she asks him if that makes her special, and in return she decides to help him again by telling him which direction to go in order to escape. While making his get away, Phyrne gets saved by Nessa inferring with whatever was supposed to happen to her (let me get this straight, I’m not asking!) and the two of them run for it and reunite with Clain in the progress. The three of them go through a secret tunnel where as Clain asks about what are the clone’s purpose and why are they all called Phyrne – only soon to get lost. They end up entering a room where the clones are to be disposed. With Clain spotting Special-Clone-Nessa he is determined to save her despite the circumstances only to be caught my the temple man and his guards again. In the mean time the L.M has back up from Alabaster who is playing their own game and rather that prioritizing the rescue mission, they decide to show off their power by destroying the entire fortress.

Nah this show can’t be creepy!” – Are you sure about that?! THINK AGAIN.
PHRYNE’S FATHER IS A PSYCHO PERVERT PEDOPHILE. DX OMFG *GRABS MAGICAL METAL BASEBALL BAT*, GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER RIGHT NOW YOU BASTARD. God this show made like a dramatic twist of just how creepy it’s getting. It appears that Nessa’s true body has no sense of “thought” but another clone that acts as the “Key” and is slaughtered to keep it running. Phryne, she is also one of them, but she has a mind of her own and used her brain to escape taking Nessa along with her. I felt bad for Clain because it’s pretty overwhelming and sad witnessing all this. To put it short, the Fractale system that everyone loves is totally fucked up. They breed create clones and then just slaughter them like pigs! EVEN WORST THAT THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING TO THEM, SO THEY CAN’T EVEN TRY TO ESCAPE LIKE PHRYNE AND NESSA DID!!!!
Next thing is the name “Phyrne”. So the Phyrne we know – that isn’t really her name but more of a label tag. As the Nessa Clone who was guarding and helped Clain escape said, everyone (the clones she showed him) – including herself are identified as Phryne. The name ‘Phyrne’ seems to be the code of ‘the key’. Now, how they plan to destroy the system, it will probably heavily involve Nessa’s powers that we witnessed last episode where we were told its can either be a blessing or bring destruction. Last but not least, I’m wondering what happened to Clain. Phyrne’s psychopath father (WHO BETTER BE DEAD NOW) mentioned he was taken to be cared, but was never to be treated (but it sounds like a lie so that he can have an excuse to well, you know… >_>;)  and yet here Clain is looks like he’s stabled, I can’t help but think they did something to him, like put a tracking device on him (not like they need to anyways since they got doppel ninja spiders on the ship).
Last thing I wanted to mention is that Enri’s behavior is rather interesting when it comes to Clain. I think she might have feelings for him even though she doesn’t really show it, the right way when she’s in front of him. As for Alabaster, this episode just proved again how corrupted their group is.
Okay I need to get some sleep I just pulled an all-nighter doing this (it’s 5:51am) and watching the breaking news about the earthquake D:>  I’ll have Hourou Musuko up in a few hours, I still have to watch it.


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