Carly is brought back from the dead in the awakening as a Dark Signer. She goes back to Divine to seek revenge. At the same time, Misty shows up to battle Aki also as a Dark Signer. Both ladies have the field advantage.


Well, that was quite an episode. Turns out Misty is also a Dark Signer. So it appears thanks to her exclamation, those who died or were at the brink of death encountered a ‘spirit’ that went inside them telling them what to do. Having Carly’s death occur only this episode, it seems it was avoidable for her to awaken as a Dark Signer because Misty was aware that she was one to begin with since they first met. Supposedly it was their fate, and death was the only way to awaken these signers. Anyhow, that being said, every other Dark Signer should have a similar story as well. It’s funny how we know for a fact that both Kiryu and Misty were out for revenge, but in Carly’s heart, is that really what she wanted? For her case it sounds more like she is possessed rather than ultimately seeking revenge. Anyways speaking of Carly (my god she looks sexy as a Dark Signer, must be because she doesn’t have her glasses on) her Fortune Ladies changed from chibi to more human-like form (I don’t know what else to call it, my mind’s kind of blank at the moment).
For their nazca marks, I had to laugh how they overlapped each other. Talk about two signers in the same place at the same time. In fact it made it pretty wicked. I wonder how Godwin is going to explain this to the public.
Last but not least, the animation -am I the only one who found it almost weird? I mean it wasn’t the worst we’ve seen yet, but it reminded me alot of an old video game animation, if you get what I mean. It was an interesting change of… style if you will.
@_@ Okay yeah, this is super short! I can promise you that the next entry will be longer! DEFINITELY, LONGER because there’s more to talk about.


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