Battle Girls: Time Paradox Ep 4: No Sense of Pride

Oda, Hideyoshi and Mitsuhide head out and observe a battle between Shingen and Kenshin who each have a piece of the Crimson Armor in their possession. The two fight all day, every day only to end with an endless records of draws. Mitsuhide suggests an underhand strategy only to be scolded by Oda who remarks that her plan would only make her a laughing stock. Upset, Mitsuhide retreats into the forest where she encounters Ieyasu who encourages her to do something on her own to please Oda. Mitsuhide takes on her advice and starts organizing a plan. However, Hideyoshi accidently overhears the plan and steps in to ask her why was she acting so secretive. She then finds herself tied up in the shed and eventually found by Oda who had found her cellphone that she had dropped while fleeing earlier. Hideyoshi warns Oda what Mitsuhide is trying to do and Oda goes out to interfere. The next morning Oda decides to cut into the fresh new battle that was about to start between Shingen and Kenshin and defeats Shingen who says she will finally give her the armor in exchange that Oda takes her head. Then Kenshin jumps in telling Oda to spare Shingen and take her head instead as well as her armor. Oda decides not to behead either of them and obtain both pieces of the armors.

LAME TITLE IS LAME Now we’re talking. Actual battles, not pointless stupid activities!!! While I enjoyed seeing the battles, I still found the episode kind of boring. As far as I’m concerned, I’m more used to seeing these kinds of animes show more about their travels to another location, which usually involves character developments and some good actions. If this shows continues, week after week jumping straight to the point about getting the pieces of the armor and then POOF someone steals it and everyone must team up together to take the armor down that is known to be invincible… So overall, I find the current pace incredibly slow in a way despite the fast progress of obtaining the pieces of the armor. Now before I forget, lets talk about obtaining the armor pieces.
One of the things I find quite annoying is that its almost effortless for Oda to get her hands on the Crimson armor. Seriously, if the stuff is so important and so powerful, the battles to obtain the pieces should be far more fierce and more difficult! It’s like way too easy right now, it’s just – I don’t even know what to make out of it! Perhaps it’s because I’m more used to the fierce, challenging, three – seven episodes long battles for the characters to get their hands on the divine item!
Another thing that I really want to mention how it would have turned out if these girls were actually men. Losing a crucial battle that meant to protect something made people dishonorable and it’s against a warrior’s pride to be spared by their enemy or a comrade begging for mercy for their sake. It bothered me that they had no sense of a warrior’s pride! I mean HELLO! YOU PEOPLE ARE GENERALS, START ACTING LIKE ONE. I have imagined if  Shingen were a male in this show, she’d beyond pissed off and embarrassed by the situation (you know manly pride issues *SHOT*). The only one I see actually acting cunning around here is Ieyasu!!!! And guess what, right now I have her on my candidate list for stealing the armor once the pieces are all together as she had originally planned in the last episode.
Now about Mitsuhide since this episode did focus on her. It’s great to see that she is cunning, but she hasn’t gained any positive poitns on my scoreboard to like her character. I’ll be blunt right now, I find her boring. Great she is inspired, motivated, adores Oda, you’re jealous of Hideyoshi – great, now does she have anything interesting to offer? Can she do anything badass? Until then I can’t bring myself to like her.
Oh on the extra note, for Hideyoshi, sucks to be her right now since her cellphone is now dead.
RIP Beloved Cellphone! /saracasm
We didn’t get any preview footage of the next episode, but we were told that apparently it will have something to do a with a ghost. =______= I’m starting to get worried where this show is going…


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0 thoughts on “Battle Girls: Time Paradox Ep 4: No Sense of Pride

  1. You sound butthurt there. You do realize this anime is categorized as “comedy” right? Dont expect some seriousness here. Also this is Oda Nobunaga. Every incarnation of Nobunaga did nothing but sit, be menacing as possible and wipe the floor with their enemies without effort.
    About Mitsuhide, you should look history up. Right now she’s real jealous. Now you know what happens in the end.
    But other than that, I think this anime isn’t for you. It would be a waste to spend countless minutes ranting on the internet about chinese cartoons. You should check up Hyouge Mono instead. Another show airing this season set in the Sengoku period and it’s pretty funny.

    1. =_=; Yeah I do realize it’s comedy, but it didn’t amuse me that’s all (and usually I laugh at just about anything that is funny, so when don’t that’s a bad sign XD). Trust me I like the show, but it’s probably because I was expecting a little but more after I did go to read a little bit about the history.
      I haven’t been able to watch Hyouge Mono yet because I’m already watching so many series, I’ll check it out and if I like it, I’ll probably switch it with this series. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I see. Anyway, if you want a serious Sengoku anime with men you can always check up Sengoku Basara. It has more action, more hot blooded and badass characters. Also it has the best Nobunaga incarnation to date. Hope this helps.

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