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Bleach 315


Yachiru meets with an old friends of hers who is a wandering hollow hunter.


I will be straight forward, this episode sucked like most of the stand alone episode that preceded it.

We have Yachiru as the star, but she is so random and childish that it is really difficult to identify yourself to her and follow her train of thoughts. She meets an old friends of hers that she calls mappy. The guy is a Hollow Hunter. He wants to kill every hollow in the world because they have killed his wife…

BUT WAIT ! He has a terrible secret that even him don’t know about ! He IS a hollow! OMG SCANDAL ! He is the one who killed his own wife…

That was a fabulous episode wasn’t it? oh did I spoiled it for you? You should be happy about it, since now it means you won’t have to watch the episode, it is a big favor trust me.

Bleach 316


Toshiro is on leave in the world of the living, he meets Karin there and let her learn that he came here to see someone dear to him.


This episode was much better than the last one, even if there was no real twist and nothing overly exciting happened, at the very least the storytelling was present and well. This old grandma is called insane by everyone, because she see ghosts. I do believe she deserve to be seen as insane, not because she see ghosts, but because she told people she sees ghosts everywhere. In society you need to lie to survive, if you don’t, people will think you are insane and will push you away from their group since you have different belief. This mean that the best way to fit in is to lie and become a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I always come when I'm with you grandma !

To go back to our story… A young spirit soon to be hollow is calmly waiting for snow to fall, but Toshiro is a bitch and he’s like, fuck that, I’m not making it snow just for fun, Let’s wait and have a pointless story instead ! And so he did and a pointless story quickly followed.


Sue me for the last couple really horrible reviews, but those episode were not worthy of my time, starting next Wednesday stuff will finally become interesting again.


I was able to do a review of 2 episodes in under 500 words, how awesome could that be? the worst is that I believe this is 3 time the amount of effort the script team have done to produce these episodes.

ZeroG signing off