Bleach 317 : A new Beginning


A month as pass since Aizen’s fall, things were going back to normal in sereitei, but suddenly something strange happened with the precipice world. Mayuri and Kenpachi were sent to investigate, but they never returned.


This is what I’m talking about, a real episode !

Now this was a rather entertaining introductory episode to watch. What have we learned so far?

There is something wrong with the precipice world, the time is not flowing correctly between the world of the living and soul society. While Investigating, Mayuri and Kenpachi went missing, and while looking for them Byakuya and company found something incriminating on the site of their disappearance, something that seems to point that Ichigo is responsible for their disappearance.

The old man will kill me when I told him I've lost it !

I bet that what they found was Ichigo’s substitute shinigami token. The Precipice world time line seems altered, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they found the token before Ichigo even lost it.

Now the other interesting thing in this episode, is this mysterious naked girl who appeared out of nowhere. She is said to not be human, but I’m quite sure she ain’t a gigai either, what could she possibly be? One thing that I’m sure of is that she is quite pretty and she must be closely related to the disturbance . But with the size of Matsumoto’s breast, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the cause of disturbance either.

Also, how come Kon always end up finding the pretty girl around? He just randomly walks about and poof, he find a naked girl in the middle of a parking lot, that’s no fair ! Also he found a naked girl with green hair, just how lucky can this guy be? And he sure knows how to  make good use of his luck, he bring the unconscious girl back home, where no one can possibly witness what he will do to her. I mean unconscious girl can’t say no right?

Why don't you watch? she can't see you anyway

The last thing to remember in this episode, is that Ichigo is slowly losing his power, each time he uses more than a tiny fraction of his power, he nearly falls unconscious from the loss of spiritual pressure. This means that we can expect Ichigo to get weaker and weaker as the arc continues, this should make things interesting, since he was so godlike at the end of the last arc, it was important to have some way to keep his power somewhere around the power of the other captains at the very least.

Welcome back !

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Cute naked green haired girl

  • There was an actual story going on, as opposed to the previous weeks filler


I’m looking forward to this arc, things should be interesting with a new unknown character and everyone going after Ichigo now that he is not as powerful as before. Also the new opening is awesome.


ZeroG signing off

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